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The Writer's Block Radio Show

THE WRITER'S BLOCK aired on LA TALK RADIO  from May 21, 2015 to June 23, 2022. Enjoy 350 episodes of live interviews - each one engaging, enlightening, and entertaining. The vision of host author Jim Christina, he was joined by OutWest's Bobbi Jean Bell and author Richard Paolinelli weekly, with Russ Avison every 3rd Thursday. 

LIVE interviews with creators of the written word:

*Authors and Short Story Writers  *Screenwriters and Filmmakers
*Non-Fiction and Biography          *Historical Fiction and Romance
*Fiction and Science Fiction          *Mystery and True Crime
*Poets and Songwriters                 *Illustrators & Editors


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Show descriptions provided by host Jim Christina
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June 23, 2022 - Show #350 - A Tribute to Host Jim Christina with The Writer's Block Team and J.R. Sanders author of Dead Bang Fall

June 16, 2022 - Show #349 - Jesse Sternberg - Enlightened Dog Training: Become The Peaceful Alpha Your Dog Needs And Respects

June 9, 2022 - Show #348 - Laurie Stevens - In Twilight's Hush

June 2, 2022 - Show #347 - Paul Bahou - Sunset Distortion: The Pyramid At The End Of The World

May 26, 2022 - Show #346 - Ann Charles - In Cahoots With The Prickly Pear Cactus Posse

May 19, 2022 - Happy 7th Anniversary to The Writer's Block Team!
Show #345 - Judy Coder - shares insights on her writing process

May 12, 2022 - Show #344 - Alicia Dill - Beyond Sacrifice

May 5, 2022 - Show #343 - Marilyn Kriete - Paradise Road

April 28, 2022 - Show #342 - Cat Rambo - Editor - The Reinvented Heart

April 21, 2022 - Show #341 - Sam Hassan, Jim Christina, Russ Avison, Richard Paolinelli

April 14, 2022 - Show #340 - Jody Hadlock - The Lives of Diamond Bessie

April 7, 2022 - Show #339 - Nicole Fanning - The Heart Of The Inferno Series: Book One - Catalyst

March 31, 2022 - Show #338 - Peggy Chambers - Flatiron Death Grip and Blooming Greed

March 24, 2022 - Show #337 - Hour One - Bob Souza and Tom Lange 
The Wonderland Murders
Hour Two - Tom Lange - Evidence Dismissed

March 17, 2022 - Show #336 - Freddy Cruz - They Canceled The DJ

March 10, 2022 - Show #335 - Jennifer Irwin - A Dress The Color Of The Moon 
Watch The Podcast

March 3, 2022 - Show #334 - Rachael Tamayo - Mine

February 24, 2022 - Show #333 - W. L. Hawkin - A Lure River Romance: Lure - Jesse & Hawk

February 17, 2022 - Show #332 - Robin L. Smith - Steampunk Menagerie: A Mechorganic Coloring Book

February 10, 2022 - Show #331 - Otho Eskin - Head Shot

February 3, 2022 - Show #330 - Mark Leslie - Fright Nights, Big City
Watch Video

January 27, 2022 - Show #329 - Terry Shepherd - Chasing The Captain

January 20, 2022 - Show #328 - Bob Brill - The Tattoo Murder 

January 13, 2022 - Show #327 - Michelle Yi - White Lightning 
Watch Video

January 6, 2022 - Show #326 - Kathy Stearman - It's Not About The Gun - we chat with Kathy about her writing process and research - this is her second visit with us. Watch Video

December 16, 2021 - Show #325 - Dan Smith - Sci-Fi Podcaster
Watch the Interview 

December 9, 2021 - Show #324 - Albert Lanier - Ghostwriter, Freelance Writer, Journalist
Watch the Interview

December 2, 2021 - Show #323 - Gregory Phillips - A Season In Lights

November 18, 2021 - Show #322 - Evan Balkan - Root That Mountain 
Watch Video

November 11, 2021 - Show #321 - David Kettlehake - Black: Book Two of the Firebrand Trilogy
Watch Video

November 4, 2021 - Show #320 - Jennifer Lieberman - The Year of What
Watch Video 

October 28, 2021 - Show #319 - Jim Christina, Richard Paolinelli, Mickey Mickelson - It's All About Publishing and Editing
Watch Video

October 21, 2021 - Show #318 - Anderson Harp - November 400 CP Is Missing

October 14, 2021 - Show #317 - JP McLean - Blood Mark

October 7, 2021 - Show #316 - Roy M. Griffis -The Thing From HR 

September 30, 2021 - Show #315 - Heather Haldeman - Kids and Cocktails Don't Mix

September 23, 2021 - Show #314 - Mark Edward Langley - When Silence Screams

September 16, 2021 - Show #313 - Kathy Stearman - It's Not About The Gun

September 9, 2021 - Show #312 - Lauri Schoenfeld - Little Owl

September 2, 2021 - Show #311 - Joani Elliott - The Audacity of Sara Grayson

August 26, 2021 - Show #310 - Mike Bond - America

August 19, 2021 - Show #309 - Ken La Salle - Little Mike

August 12, 2021 - Show #308 - J Jay Gold - The Currency Of Moments

August 5, 2021 - Show #307 - Stephanie Lavigne - Headlines, Deadlines, and Lies

July 29, 2021 - Show #306 - Cate Holahan - Her Three Lives

July 22, 2021 - Show #305 - Mary Elizabeth Jackson - Poohlicious: Oh, The Wonder of Me

July 15, 2021 - Show #304 - D.B. Jackson - Secrets of Screen Writing

July 8, 2021 - Show #303 - Ace Antonio Hall - Oware Mosiac

July 1, 2021 - Show #302 - John Layne - Red River Reunion

June 24, 2021 - Show #301 - Rebecca Copeland - The Kimono Tattoo

June 17, 2021 - Show #300 - Victor Hess - The Clock Tower Treasure

June 10, 2021 - Show #299 - V.S. Holmes - Stars Edge Nel Bently Series: Travelers and Heretics

June 3, 2021 - Show #298 - Wayne Avrashow - Center Stage: A Political Thriller

May 27, 2021 - Show #297 - L. Annette Binder - The Vanishing Sky

May 20, 2021 - Show #296 - Mary Kaye and Gary Holt - Frontier
Happy 6th Anniversary to The Writer's Block Team!

May 13, 2021 - Show #295 - Kerry Peresta - The Deadening

May 6, 2021 - Show #294 - Jennifer Anne Gordon - Beautiful, Frightening, and Silent

April 29, 2021 - Show #293 - Clare Nolan - Take Me Home Huey

April 22, 2021 - Show #292 - Dom Brightmon - Stay The Course

April 15, 2021 - Show #291 - JP McClean - The Gift Legacy Series

April 8, 2021 - Show #290 - Margaret Rodenberg - Finding Napoleon

April 1, 2021 - Show #289 - Peggy Chambers - Ian's Magic, Strawberry Sundae Delights

March 25, 2021 - Show #288 - Savannah Hendricks - I Adopted My Mom At The Bus Station

March 18, 2021 - Show #287 - Lily Iona MacKenzie - Freefall: A Divine Comedy 

March 11, 2021 - Show #286 - Steve Berry - The Kaiser's Web

March 4, 2021 - Show #285 - Kathrin Hutson - The Witching Vault

February 25, 2021 - Show #284 - Dave Munsick - Songteller: Notes From The Road

February 18, 2021 - Show #283 - Poet Tom Swearingen - Reflection

February 11, 2021 - Show #282 - Richard Paolinelli - Galen's Way

February 4, 2021 - Show #281 - Mark Leslie Publisher of Rude Awakenings From Rough Sleeping by Peter C. Mitchell 

January 28, 2021 - Show #280 - Phillip Thompson - Old Anger

January 21, 2021 - Show #279 - Chris Enss - Iron Women: The Ladies Who Helped Build The Railroad

January 14, 2021 - Show #278 - Chris Humphreys - The Hunt of the Unicorn, Book 1 Tapestry Trilogy

January 7, 2021 - Show #277 - Mark Edward Langley - Death Waits In The Dark
What a fun interview with writer Mark Edward Langley last evening! His knowledge of the Navajo and writing energy are unwavering. His newest offering is 'Death Waits in the Dark' with the hero Arthur Nakai. A great time was had by all...give a listen right here!

December 17, 2020 - Show #276 - Gary Fearon - After Abbey Road: The Solo Hits of the Beatles
Russ and I had a great time with writer Gary Fearon. His insight into the Beatles both before and after their breakup is astonishing. His book, After Abby Road is chock full of intimate details of all their individual music after their breakup. Available on Amazon and all on-line book sellers, get yourself a copy if you are remotely interested in John, Paul, George and Ringo after the Beatle years. And, listen right here to his interview. I guarantee you won't be bored!

December 10, 2020 - Show #275 - Gary Phillips - Matthew Henson and the Ice Temple of Harlem
Our chat with writer, Gary Phillips, was fun, as always, yet informational, The undisputed king of Pulp Fiction, Gary hit another home run with his newest novel; Matthew Henson and the Ice Temple of Harlem. Give a listen right here!

December 3, 2020 - Show #274 - Craig DiLouie - The Children of Red Peak
Our interview with author Craig DiLouis was very educational and a bit scary as his book, Children of Red Peak, could very well become a true story and, in fact, already has on several occasions. Give it a read. Available on Amazon, Outwest and wherever fine books are sold!

November 26, Rebroadcast -Show # - Edward Willett
Our conversation with writer Edward Willett this was fun, educational and occasionally, somewhat nonsensical.

November 19, Show #273 - Chris Enss - The Death Row All Stars
Between Russ, Bobbi and me, we had quite the conversation with writer, screenwriter, playwright, author, Chris Enss. Chris is one of those guests that can come back anytime and the conversation will be fresh and to the minute, always! Give a listen right here!

November 12, Show #272 - Hank Phillippi Ryan - The First To Lie
Our conversation with writer and previous guest, Hank Phillippi Ryan. This was Hank's second visit to The Writer's Block and well worth the wait. As far as we are concerned, Hank is welcome back anytime. We love her Hankisms and her way of writing. Give a listen right here!

November 5 - Show #271 - Wayne Diehl - Loyal Son
Our conversation with friend and writer, Wayne Diehl was a lot of fun! Wayne is always full of information and his grandkids always call which makes it even more fun. His book, Loyal Son, is doing well, and a fantastic read. Give a listen right here!

October 29 - Show #270 - John DeDakis - FAKE: A Lark Chadwick Mystery
Last evening our guest on The Writer's Block, was a long time purveyor of the news both on TV and in print. Writer John DeDakis has penned a series of books featuring a your reporter named Lark Chadwick, this time embroiled in the 'Fake News' push of the 2000s. Give a listen right here!

October 22 - Show #269 - Savannah Hendricks - Grounded in January
Our guest of the 22nd, Savannah Hendricks, was a lot of fun. Normally a writer of children's books and YA fiction, Savannah dared to jump off the train and try her hand at an adult novel and succeeded beyond her wildest expectations. Give a listen right here!

October 15 - Show #268 - Nancy Quinn - Still West of Nowhere!
Our guest last week was as before. Delightful, intelligent, down to earth, a mom, a rancher and a writer, all rolled into one neat package. Listen in as me and Bobbi give writer Nancy Quinn the business.

October 8 - Show #267 - Jerry Harwood - Twelve Hours On The Block
Our guest, author Jerry Harwood was another one of those fun guests from Tennessee. A teacher, adjunct professor, world traveler and all around nice guy...give a listen, right here!

October 1 - Show #266 - Kerry Blaisdell - Debriefing The Dead, Waking The Dead - books one and two of The Dead Series
If you haven't yet tuned in live, or listened to the podcast from last Thursday, it is "Must Hear Radio". Our guest last Thursday was the incomparable Kerry Blaisdell. A writer with panache if nothing else. Her conversations were a ball, her knowledge, vast and her personality, very bubbly. Give a listen, right here at LA Talk Radio, The Writer's Block!

September 24 - Show #265 - David Kettlehake - Gray, Straw Man, Fever
So, another week in the bag and yet another great guest. I swear I don't know were the Bookie is dredging them from, but don't stop you're doing great!!! So, give a listen to writer David Kettlehake, and cheer along with all his new friends. Right here at LA Talk Radio.

September 17 - Show #264 - Edward Willett - The Moonlit World
Between guests Ginger Gaffney and Ed Willett, it's hard to differentiate between the quality of their books, although, Bobbi and I certainly gushed over Ginger's book, Half Broke, Ed's book ran in a quite different genre. Give a listen to both, right here!

September 10 - Show #263 - Ginger Gaffney - Half Broke

September 3 - Show #262 - Troy D. Smith - A Bittersweet Amalgamation
Often, we get to talk with writers that offer great insights into the craft of writing. Thursday evening was no exception. Author Troy D. Smith is the real deal. Capable of writing in several genres, Troy does it effortlessly, and, his use of phraseology and knowledge of his audience are unimpeachable. Give a listen right here and see if you don't agree!

August 27 - Show #261 - Kathy L. Murphy - The Pulpwood Queens Celebrate 20 Years

August 20 - Show #260 - Steve Berry - The Warsaw Protocol

August 13 - Show #259 - Rachael Tamayo - Carnal Knowledge
WHAT IF? While at a bar your drink is spiked and you awake in your home, in your bed with a bump on your head, and no memory of the last few hours...and there's blood everywhere? Author RACHAEL TAMAYO's new title CARNAL KNOWLEDGE: A DEADLY SINS NOVEL grabs you from page one and doesn't let you go long after The End. Hosts Richard and Bobbi Jean chat with Rachael about the challenges of writing a thriller suspense series, character development, and what to consider when reading book reviews. 

August 6 - Show #258 - Kathleen M. Rodgers - The Flying Cutterbucks
Western film reviewer, HENRY PARKE, kicks off the show with all the latest news from the REEL West. Author KATHLEEN M. RODGERS chats with hosts Bobbi Jean and Richard about her latest novel, THE FLYING CUTTERBUCKS, an engaging story set in Pardon, New Mexico set against the backdrop of the 2016 presidential campaign. Kathleen considers this her "bravest novel" yet - tune in to find out why.

July 30 -Show #257 - Karen Hulene Bartell - Wild Rose Pass
Author Karen Hulene Bartell chats with Bobbi Jean about her newest title Wild Rose Pass. Set in the military base of Fort Davis, Texas in the late 1870's. Karen shares some of the challenges she faced writing her first historical fiction novel including 5 years of research to get the setting, action, and characters true to the time period. Tune in to hear one of the most creative solutions to writer's block we've heard to date! 

July 23 - Show #256 - Yasmine Howell - Newport High: Fake Is The New Thing
Newly published author and a 2020 high school graduate, Yasmine Howell, chats with Bobbi Jean about her first novel NEWPORT HIGH: FAKE IS THE NEW THING. Ms. Howell, avidly writing for the past eight years, candidly talks about the book's characters Hayden Olivia Becker, Dustin, Troy, Kaitlyn and others. She shares her enthusiasm for writing, overcoming the challenges of writer's block, and the many new projects she's working on now. Tune in for an engaging conversation with this creative writer!

July 16 - Show #255 - V.S. Holmes - Madness and Gods
Jim and Russ chat with author V.S. Holmes chatting about her book Madness of Gods.

July 9 - Show #254 - Craig Johnson - Land of the Wolves
Author CRAIG JOHNSON was as entertaining as ever! This was his third appearance, and once again, he dropped insightful comments about his writing process and the development of memorable characters like Sheriff Walt Longmire, Henry Standing Bear, Vic and others. We chatted about what inspired him to write 2019's LAND OF WOLVES and he teased us with the story behind the next installment of the Longmire Mystery Series coming September 2020, NEXT TO LAST STAND.  

July 2 - Show #253 - Sadira Stone - Runaway Lovers Story
Started out with our monthly Western Round-Up presented by True West Magazine’s film reviewer Henry Parke. Guest contemporary romance author, Sadira Stone, shares the back story to “Runaway Love Story” set in Eugene, Oregon. This is Book 2 in the Book Nirvana Series. Hometown coach Doug Garvey meets out-of-towner but home for a visit, Laurel Jepsen, while they are both on a run. Sparks fly. Who knew runners in love could be so sexy? Will she stay in town or head for San Francisco where her dream art job may await? Sadira shares the back story to the cast of characters, how the plot developed, and the secret behind Book Nirvana’s Red Door. Tune in for her writing tips on process and editing.

June 25 - Show #252 - Linda Nightingale - Sinners' Opera
Our conversation with writer, Linda Nightingale last evening was a lot of fun. A knowledgeable writer on the theory and musings of the Vampyre mind, Linda was refreshing in her ideas and storytelling. Give a listen, won't you?

June 18 - Show #251 - Andrea Downing - Always On My Mind
guest romance author Andrea Downing takes us into the broad expanse of Wyoming’s Jackson Hole Valley and introduces us to main characters Cooper Byrnes, a rancher and cowboy, and Cassie Halliday, a wandering hippie girl from Boston. The year is 1973 when they meet. Two very different souls who find and loose each other…will they find each other again? Andrea shares her tips on writing a story with engaging characters set in the not-so-distant past. Tune in to hear about her first ride in a pick-up truck!

June 11 - Show #250 - Peggy Jaeger - A Pride of Brothers: Rick
Guest author Peggy Jaeger, published by Wild Rose Press, joined us to chat about her contemporary romance “A Pride of Brothers: Rick.” Just what is a “contemporary romance?” What are its key elements? Does it have an HEA (happily ever after ending)? Peggy drops nuggets of gold about her writing process from how she schedules her writing day to how she stays in control of her characters. And…those steamy sex scenes! Tune in to find out her thoughts on writer’s block and so much more!

June 4 - Show #249 - Robert J. Sawyer - The Oppenheimer Alternative
Started out with our monthly Western Round-Up presented by True West Magazine’s film reviewer Henry Parke. The “dean of Canadian Science Fiction” Robert J. Sawyer joined us just one day after his newest title exploded on the literary landscape amid much excitement and fantastic reviews. Tune in to hear the riveting back story of “The Oppenheimer Alternative” including where Robert’s inspiration got the idea, how did he conduct the extensive research, and how did he clearly find each character’s unique voice. Writer’s block…does he get it? Take a listen!

May 28 - Show #248 - Linda Tillis - A Heart Made For Love
Featured guest author Linda Tillis had an engaging conversation about her title "A Heart Made For Love." Tillis writes stories about women who overcome adversity to win the love they deserve. Tune in for tips about her writing process, the idea behind the story, and what she thinks about writer’s block.

May 21 - Show #247 - Jason LaVelle - A Flutter of Darkness
featured guest was Jason LaVelle, an author, photographer, and radio podcast host. Calling in from his hammock under a Michigan star studded sky, we chatted about his newest book of short stories, “A Flutter of Darkness.” Tune in to discover where he got the idea for the title, what determined the order of the stories, and from where did the ideas for these gripping, compelling, and sometimes horrifying stories come?

May 14 - Show #246 - Kathrin Hutson - Sleepwater Static
Featured guest was author Kathrin Hutson speaking about her newest published title, “Sleepwater Static, Book 2 of the Blue Helix Series.” Tune in to hear the story behind this dark fantasy title and her writing process from start to finish. “They say home is where the heart is. Now that Sleepwater’s on the run, home is just another place to hide.”

May 7 - Show #245 - Claire Fullerton - Little Tea
The show was, as expected, a lot of fun. Writer Claire Fullerton is always a welcome guest and brings so much to the show as far as talent, wit, experience and, well, just a great time! Tune in and see for yourself right here!

April 30 - Show #244 -  Stephanie Osborn - Mega Moth
Last Thursday's interview was as expected. Stephanie Osborn is an astute writer that epitomizes the Sci-Fi genre in her many stories and tales of the 'out of this world' genre. Give a listen and find out why, right here at LA Talk Radio, The Writer's Block!

April 23 - Show #243 - J.R. Sanders - Stardust Trail
Our interview with JR Sanders last Thursday was as expected. JR is a first class writer of non-fiction and in his first foray into a fiction novel (he has done short stories and children's books) he succeeded beyond his and our wildest expectations! Give a listen here for JR's interview.

April 16 - Show #242 - Ann Charles - Deadwood Undertaker Series
Our conversation with writer Ann Charles last evening was terrific and a lot of fun. Ann is dynamic, energetic and a hoot to chat with. She is welcome back anytime on The Writer's Block and I hope she takes us up on it! Give a listen right here!

April 9 - Show #241 - Publishers Tuscany Bay Books
Talking with Richard Paolinelli is always fun, last evening it was fun and informative. Publishing can be tricky, Richard makes it seem easy. Give a listen!

April 2 - Show #240 - Erin Pringle - Hezada! I Miss You
As anticipated, our interview with writer Erin Pringle last Thursday was all that was expected. A great guest, a lot of fun and a great writer...what more could we ask? Take a listen right here!

March 26 - Show #239 - Bobby Nash - Snow Trapped
Lately, all of the guests featured on The Writer's Block have been beyond reproach. All great writers and terrific guests. Last Thursday was no different. Writer Bobby Nash fit the bill entirely. Our conversation was fresh, crisp and full of great ideas for new writers. Give a listen right here!

March 19 - Show #238 - MJ Preston - The Highwayman Book One
Bobbi and my guest last evening was everything The Writer's Block is all about. MJ Preston is a great writer, an entrepreneur and someone not afraid to share their writing secrets to new writers. Give a listen, see if you agree. Right here at LA Talk Radio

March 12 - Show #237 - Pamela Samuels Young - Failure to Protect
Bobbi and I had an interesting conversation with writer Pamela Samuels Young last Thursday. A former lawyer, she is now an advocate against school bullying and child suicide. Give a listen!

March 5 - Show #236 - Dian Griesel - Silver Disobedience Playbook
ast Thursday's program was a treat for the staff and listeners. Bobbi and my guest, Dian Griesel was a lot of fun, and highly entertaining learning about ourselves and what we can and shouldn't do, along with grasping the idea of accepting yourself as yourself. Her book, Silver Disobedience, is climbing and Dian is a wonderful guest, readily welcome back whenever she wants to book! Give a listen.

February 27 - Show #235 - Dale Jackson - Small Moving Parts
                                              Barrie Qualle - Out'a The West
A great time was had with writers D.B. Jackson and Barrie Qualle last evening. We discussed the new book by Jackson, Barrie's two books, writing and the future of western novels and heritage, all done in the little studio in Star, Idaho. Give a listen right here!

February 20 - Show #234 - Miranda Oh - Just Breathe
Russ and my guest, Miranda Oh was sensational last Thursday. Miranda, being who she is, was terrific and able to talk about all three of her books, hinted at her upcoming work, talked about her book release on the 28th and generally gave her publicist, Mickey Mikkelson, a huge boost. Give a listen.

February 13 - Show #233 - Matt Coyle - Lost Tomorrows
Like most of the guests lately on The Writer's Block, it has been a pleasure talking with you and picking your brains and Thursday's was absolutely no exception. Writer Matt Coyle hit a home run with us and with the listeners. His take on life and writing were fresh and fun and very generous. Please take a listen.

February 6 - Show #232 - Johnnie Bernhard - Sisters of the Undertow
One of the fun parts about doing The Writer's Block is we get to talk to delightful writers, musicians, poets, etal. And last Thursday was no exception. Thursday we welcomed back writer Johnnie Bernhard for a great evening of conversation and fun. Needless to say, Johnnie is welcome back anytime! Give a listen.

January 30 - Show #231 - Hank Phillippi Ryan - The Murder List
Bobbi's and my conversation with writer Hank Phillippi Ryan last evening was a lot of fun, interesting, and educational. It always amazes me the differences each writer has to accomplish the same results when they are writing...why not give a listen; right here!

January 23 - Show #230 - C. Courtney Joyner & Steve Carver - Western Portraits of Character Actors: Unsung Heroes and Villains Of The Silver Screen
As usual, our conversation with Court Joyner and Steve Carver was informative, fun and highly educational. Always a special guest, Court never ceases to amaze and contribute to the show spreading his knowledge of the entertainment industry and his knowledge of the western genre. Give a listen!

January 16 - Show #229 - Nancy Quinn - Go West Young Woman! From Military Wife to Country Life
Our interview with writer and naturalist artist, Nancy Quinn, last Thursday was a great lesson on how not to move to Montana. Joking aside, Nancy was a refreshing guest giving us the skinny on going from Urban to country life in a nanosecond, and her book, 'Go West Young Woman', was not only well written and chock full of tidbits, but also highly interesting and led to several out-loud chuckles. Give a listen, won't you?

January 9 - Show #228 - Parris Afton Bonds - The Brigands
Our show featuring writer and New York Times Best Selling Author, Paris Afton Bonds was as expected. Parris is a delightful guest and always manages to put a smile on our faces and information in our pockets. Give a listen.

January 2 - Show #227 - Bianca Marais - Hum If You Don't Know The Words
From the best of "The Writer's Block": Our interview with writer Bianca Marais last evening was an absolute treat. She is fun, intelligent and an outstanding guest. To catch the entire gist of her interview, you just have to go to our podcast from last evening and hear for yourself.

December 26 - Show #182 - Stanley Goldman - Left To The Mercy of a Rude Stream
Rebroadcast of Show # from December 20, 2018
Thursday's program with author Stanley Goldman was exceptional. We had a lot of interest in his book, and in his struggles writing it. Left to the Mercy of a Rude Stream, was an exemplary example of a first book going big time and we not only applaud Stan Goldman in his success, but also, thank him for the privilege of giving him his first media interview on his new book.

December 19 - Show #226 - Ted Hasson - Meet...The OddsMakers

December 12 - Show #225 - Tosca Lee - The Line Between and A Single Light

December 5 - Show #224 - Richard Paolinelli - The Pluto Anthology

November 28 - Show #147 - John Sandford - Rebroadcast from April 19, 2018. Happy Thanksgiving!

November 21 - Show #223 - Dwayne Clayden - Crisis Point

November 14 - Show #222 - Wes Rand - To Die For

November 7 - Show #221 - Rosemary Poole-Carter - Only Charlotte
As has been for the near past, last night's guest was nothing short of splendiferous! Rosemary Poole-Carter's appearance was fun, informative, and chock full of neat informative tidbits for new writers. Give a listen.

October 31 - Show #220 - Gloria Casale - Bioterror The Essential Threat

October 26 - Show #219 - Kristine Raymond - Finn-angled
We had a great time and conversation with writer and podcaster, Kristine Raymond last evening. A delight in every sense of the word. If you haven't read her novel, Finn-Agled, do get it and treat yourself to a delightful read. Check it out right here!

October 17 - Show #218 - Kristina Rienzi  
Russ and Jim's interview was not only fun, but very informative when it comes to extraterrestrials ans the supernatural. Kristina Rienzi is a Jersy girl all around and makes no apologies about her belief in extraterrestrials and supernatural things.

October 10 - Show #217 - NEW Kathrin Hutson - Sleepwater Beat
Last evening was a great reason why we do this show. Our guest, Kathrin Hutson was a delight! She's a writer, editor, proofreader and all places east. She was a welcomed guest and, I am sure, will become a great fan of the show!

October 3 - Show #216 - NEW Bob SouzaMalice in Wonderland
Our interview with writer, consultant, tech adviser, screenwriter and retired detective, Bob Souza was not only a lot of fun, but led to many questions we weren't even thinking of asking...I guess that's the way it goes.

September 26 - Show #215 - NEW Tim Niederriter - Demon Scroll
We welcomed writer, podcaster and all around champion of all things written, Tim Niederriter to the show. Tim's take on the fantasy/sci-fi is different and well thought out. An interesting interview, give a listen!

September 19 -Show #214 -NEW Ken La Salle - Wrong Magic
We hosted writer, entrepreneur and all around good guy, Ken LaSalle to the show. Ken is one of those guys that just has it all...(as jealousy rears it's ugly head) give a listen to his show.

September 12 - Show #213 - NEW Peggy Chambers - Blooming Justice
Last evening we welcomed back Peggy Chambers and her home-spun take on everything from writing to living in general. 

September 5 - Show #121 - Best of The Writer's Block - Parris Afton Bonds
From the best of "The Writer's Block" : Bobbi's and my interview with writer and novelist, Parris Afton Bonds was unique in that Parris is quite the prolific writer (45 novels) been interviewed by Charlie Rose, had kudos on Nightline and is a New York Times Best Selling Author, and she was nervous about being interviewed on our little show. Well, Parris was a delight and more than welcome to come back when she wants to! Give a listen!!!
Originally aired October 19, 2017

August 29 - Show #117 - Best of The Writer's Block - KJ Howe
From the best of "The Writer's Block": Bobbi's and my conversation with writer KJ Howe last week was not only informational, but highly entertaining as well. Her knowledge of K&R (kidnapping and retrieval) is outstanding and the great part is she is still learning all she can about it! Tune in and give a listen.
Originally aired September 21, 2017

August 22 - Show #113 - Best of The Writer's Block - Craig Johnson
From the best of "The Writer's Block" : Russ and my interview with writer and all around good guy, Craig Johnson, was nothing short of a lot of fun! We spent 50 minutes talking about Craig's new book, 'Western Star', his writing, character development and just plain stuff. You have to listen to the podcast, you, most certainly, will not be disappointed!
Originally aired August 24, 2017

August 15 - Show #65 - Best of The Writer's Block - Steve Carver and Courtney Joyner
Our conversation with Steve Carver and Court Joyner Thursday night on The Writer's Block was nothing short of fantastic. Steve's photography is something to really dig into. His use of lighting, subject and theme is outstanding. His Coffee Table Book, Unsung Heros and Villains of the Silver Screen will be available mid 2017 and believe us when we say it will be a book definitely worth purchasing for your home.
Originally aired September 1, 2016

August 8 - Show #64 - Best of The Writer's Block - Kathleen Rodgers
From the best of "The Writer's Block": The Writer's Block hosted Texas author Kathleen Rodgers to our show. A fun evening and an informative one, and, we learned Kathleen stalked her agent Jeannie Loiacano before actually signing with stuff.
Originally aired August 25, 2016

August 1 - Show #46 - Best of The Writer's Block - Richard Paolinelli
Thursday, Russ and Jim had writer Richard Paolinelli as a guest on The Writer's Block. Richard is a refreshing speaker and a knowledgeable writer of several genres.His book about the history of football in Turloc, California is filled with stories and anecdotes of football programs current and past. His fiction is descriptive and interesting. It certainly keeps the reader justified in finishing the book. In all, a great guest and an invitation to return whenever he wants to. 
Originally aired April 21, 2016

July 25 - Show #212 - LIVE in the Studio
Jim and Russ were in the studio and Bobbi called in - LIVE - for one final time before Jim moves out of the area. Repeats of past shows will play through August and early September while Jim gets settled in his new home. We talk about Jim's latest book, "Jefferson's Chance" and hit on other literary topics.

July 18 - Show #41 - Best of the Writer's Block - Chuck Walsh
Books - "A Splintered Dream" and "Shadows of Iron Mountain"
We welcomed South Carolina writer, Chuck Walsh to the Writer's Block. It was an informative and delightful evening with both Bobbi and me learning something. Chuck would be welcome back anytime to our studio.
Originally aired March 17, 2016

July 11 - Show #31 - Best of the Writer's Block - Craig Johnson
Thursday we had as a guest Craig Johnson, the creator of the Walt Longmire Mysteries, the main character in the TV series "Longmire". Craig is a wonderfully creative and honest write, extremely easy to interview and a ball to talk to. Craig gave us the real skinny on what he does, how he developed Walt Longmire and how he developed Walt Longmire's world. Craig is welcome to come back any time he wants. Thanks for a great evening, Craig.
Originally aired January 7, 2016

July 4 - Show #28 - Best of the Writer's Block - Joe Herrington
Bobbi and I hosted Joe Herrington, poet, yarn teller and author of the fabulous book, 'Tekoa'. We spent a wonderful hour with Joe and several times he had us in stitched with his stories. Give a listen, I am fairly certain you won't be disappointed. 
Originally aired December 3, 2015

June 27 - Show #22 - Best of the Writer's Block - Claire Fullerton
Bobbi and I hosted writer Claire Fullerton to the Writer's Block. Claire is an outstanding writer and is welcome here whenever she wants to come back. Her ideas are insightful and well thought out, and her sense of humor is great and we laughed a good deal of the show. Give the podcast a listen, it's a lot of fun.
Originally aired October 15, 2015

June 20 - Show #3 - Best of the Writer's Block - Margaret Brownley
Western Romance author Margaret gave us an insightful hour of stories, ideas, history and anecdotes referencing her years as a New York Times Best Selling Author. A wonderful evening. We thank you, Margaret.
Originally aired June 4, 2015

June 13 - Show #211 - Peggy Chambers - Blooming Justice
This was our final show in the studio - with everyone on hand. Great conversation with author Peggy Chambers! Hosts Jim Christina and Bobbi Jean Bell return in Fall 2019. 

June 6 - Show #210 - Kimberly Stuart - Heart Land
We truly enjoyed having writer Kimberly Stuart with us last evening. A delightful addition to our Writer's Block podcast family and a experience for all of us last evening, a fun show to listen to along with learning from. Give a listen right here!

May 30 - Show #209 - Eliot Parker - A Knife's Edge
Last week's interview with writer Eliot Parker is, as always, informative, fun and a little on the outlandish side. Eliot is a fabulous guest and always welcome on The Writer's Block when the Bookie can fit him in! Give a listen right here!

May 23 - Show #208 - Marc Watson - Death Dresses Poorly
Talking with writer, Marc Watson, was not only fun, but informative and actually some loud guffaws in the studio. Not only is Marc a great writer, but a humorist as well an welcome on this show anytime he can make it! Give a listen and see if you don't agree...

May 21 - Show #207 - Chera Thompson and Neal Johnson - A Time to Wander
Hosts Jim and Russ' One on One interview with writers Chera Thompson and Neal Johnson was a hoot. Both great folks, good writers and a lot of fun to talk to. Their book, A Time to Wander, is a semi autobiographical look at their time at Kent State in Ohio during the turbulent early 70s. Give a listen.

May 16 - Show #206 - JM Landels - Overature
Hosts Jim and Bob had a lot of fun with writer J.M. Landels. Not only is she a great writer of fantasy fiction, but, she lives it herself, in that she is a swords woman and equestrian to boot! Don't miss it on LA Talk Radio, you can catch the interview right here!

May 9 - Show #205 - Eva Wing - Chasing Rainbows NYC
Our interview with writer, Hermi Hanlon was interesting, to say the least. Writing as Eve Wing, the novel, Chasing Rainbows, NYC is definitely an adult novel. The heroine spends a lot of time chasing and capturing men, all the while heading in a direct course for her murder. Told with a certain angst, Rainbows is worth the read, but be warned, the sory is realistic and the sex scenes steamy!

May 2 - Show #204 - Jim Christina - That's All You Get
We had a ball with just the hosts of The Writer's Block talking about anything and everything.

April 25 - Show #203 - Jack J. Hersch - Death March Escape
Russ and JIm's interview with writer Jack Hersch last evening was, to say the least, informative. Jack's narrative of his father's escape from a Nazi Death march, twice, was compelling radio and even better book. Give a listen.

April 18 - Show #202 - Barry Solloway- Who's Killing the Liberals
After a false start, our show took off last evening with a great political writer and story teller, Barry Solloway. His book, 'Who's Killing the Liberals' is a terrific read, a true page burner. Give a listen right here, at LA Talk Radio, The Writer's Block!

April 11 - Show #201 - John Hegenberger - Pandora Block
This week's guest is a must hear. Not only were Bob Brill, Bobbi Jean Bell and me in the studio all at the same time, but our guest was the phenomenal writer, John Hegenberger. John's character, Stan Wade has found his way into a new book, Short Fall, and his new Sci-fi books, Oxymoron, and Pandora Block.

April 9 - Show #200 - Juni Fisher - Girls From Centro
Juni Fisher was our guest on a special Writer's Block last evening. From award winning singer/songwriter to a new novelist, Juni tells a story that captures one and throws them into another time and another place. We were honored to have her on with us and a visit by our travelling Bobbi Jean Bell IN STUDIO! Give a listen.

April 4 - Show #199 - Patrick Brown - Pennington's Hoax
Our interview with returning author, Patrick Brown, went as expected. Patrick is such a nice man and a terrific writer, chronicling life which isn't always as we think it should be. Give a listen!

March 28 - Show #198 - Mike Blakely - A Sinister Splendor
Our interview last Thursday with singer/songwriter and author Mike Blakely was a blast! A dedicated performer and writer, Mikes music and books transcend the current and can and do transform the listener and reader into a time of long ago.

March 21 - Show #197 - Irene O'Garden - Risking The Rapids
Our conversation with writer, Irene O'Garden was like talking with one of my own siblings. Coming from a dysfunctional 50s family, like a lot of us were, it's easy to understand the need to connect later in life. Listen in and see if you don't agree.

March 14 - Show #196 - Judy Coder - Mountain Charley: A Folk Opera
Our interview with performing Western artist, composer, singer/songwriter, Judy Coder last evening was a lot of fun. Not only is Judy multi-talented, but has a sense of humor and a great willingness to impart her knowledge forward. Thanks for a great show!

March 7 - Show #195 - Jim Jones - Lights of Cimarron
Author, songwriter, and performer Jim Jones joined us on the Writer's Block radio show. We chatted about his newest book "Lights of Cimarron" and his music which has developed some intricacies not normally seen in the western music scene. Give a listen, then pick up Jim's latest CD and be quite pleasantly surprised.

February 28 - Show #194 - Chuck Redmond - A Cottonwood Stand
Russ and Jim had a lot of fun with new Writer, Chuck Redman. Chuck's book, A Cottonwood Stand tells the story of old and new Nebraska in a way most people would never imagine. Give a listen!

February 26 - Show #193 - Detective Tom Lange
Our special interview with Detective Tom Lange abut the Laurel Canyon and the OJ Simpson murders last evening on The Writer's Block One on One show was extremely informative and most certainly, an eye opener.

February 21 - Show #192 - Carol Graham Pereira - Helder's Story
Last evening we inaugurated writer Carol Graham Pereira to the world of live radio when she guested on the Writer's Block. A very charming and open guest, she spoke candidly about her time with her husband, Helder, as he fought a twelve year battle with cancer. A fascinating read and one definitely recommended for folks interested in knowing about California's Dying With Dignity law.

February 14 - Show #191 - Jack Adler - The Sperm Farm
Like we say, it's always fun having a return writer on The Writer's Block and Jack Adler was no exception. Jack has a way of transporting you to a different time and place. See for yourself. His current book, The Sperm Farm, is selling on Amazon and all on-line booksellers. Give it a try!

February 7 - Show #190 - Michael Brady - Into The Shadows: Assissination Corps
It's always fun welcoming past guests back to The Writer's Block and last night's guest is no exception. Michael Brady is a great writer of the spy craft and espionage set in various locations featuring a protagonist named, Michael Brennan. Pick it up and give a read, Into The Shadows: Assassination Corps.

January 31 - Show #189 - J.T. Bishop - High Child
Our fun interview with writer J.T. Bishop was a lot of fun and after all the problems we had getting her on the show, it turned out to be well worth the effort.

January 24 - Show #188 - Peter James - Absolute Proof
After finally cornering writer, Peter James, Russ and I had a great conversation with him from England. Peter is an exceptional writer and one that belongs on the top shelves of book stores. If you haven't read his novel, Absolute Proof, you need to. Wonderful read and chock full of surprises.

January 22- Show #187 - Samantha Brown & Alyssa Ortiz Vivid Arts
Last evening's Writer's Block Special show was not only fun but we got to talk to two quite lovely young women that publish an on-line monthly magazine, Vivid Arts Magazine. Very well done and some beautiful photography. Go check it out at These two women are destined for big things!

January 17 - Show #186 - Howard Kaplan - Spy's Gamble
Our interview with writer Howard Kaplan was a great example of a fine writer willing to share experiences and ideas with others. If you have the opportunity, check out the film, The Damascus Cover, on Netflix and Hulu, written by said author, Howard Kaplan.

January 10 - Show #185 - Dawn Greenfield Ireland - Prophecy of Thol
Dawn Greenfield Ireland is a lot of things, but one thing she is not, is boring. Being a writer, publisher and editor has given her a unique view on all aspects of writing. For you new writers out there, it would be an experience to listen to the show, learn a little something and enjoy an enjoyable conversation.

January 3 - Show #184 - Ken Becker - The Expat Files: My Life in Journalism
Our conversation with ex-pat writer, 
Ken Becker was a trip through the 60's and 70's. Ken is a terrific chronicler of days gone by and his life as an Ex-pat now living in Canada. Give a listen.

2018 Podcasts
December 27 - Show #183 - 
From the best of "The Writer's Block" : Thursday the crew from 'The Writer's Block' spent the time reminiscing about Christmas' past with our families. It was a fun and happy hour for us. Listen and see what we felt.

Thursday, December 24th we will broadcast an encore presentation of our Christmas show and December 31st we will be broadcasting an encore of our show broadcast on December 10th  with Heidi Gilbert. We wish you all a very merry Christmas and no matter your religious beliefs, a wonderful holiday season. 

December 20 - Show #182 - Stanley Goldman - Left To The Mercy of a Rude Stream
Thursday's program with author Stanley Goldman was exceptional. We had a lot of interest in his book, and in his struggles writing it. Left to the Mercy of a Rude Stream, was an exemplary example of a first book going big time and we not only applaud Stan Goldman in his success, but also, thank him for the privilege of giving him his first media interview on his new book.

December 13 - Show #181 - Ken LaSalle 
A studio malfunction and a late start does not stop these intrepid radio hosts from completing their appointed rounds. Bob and my guest, Ken LaSalle was a hoot for his third visit. Along the way, Ken dispensed several tid-bits of experienced writer knowledge, and mixed in with folksy humor, the show turned out pretty darn good except only the right channel is working for sound...old board I guess.

December 6 - Show #180 - Johnny D. Boggs 
For 50 minutes of fun, you can't beat last evening's edition of The Writer's Block. Our guest was Johnny D. Boggs and not only was Johnny a great guest, but a terrific writer and story teller as well. For a new writer, Johnny gives some great ideas, and for us old writers, we'll be stealing his ideas!

November 29 - Show #179 - Jim Jackson - Kiss of the Cockroach Queen
Thursday's show showed just what talk radio is all about. Our guest, Jim Jackson was a lot of fun, and our special guest host, Eric Heisner, just completed the madness. Give a listen and have as much fun as we had Thursday evening,

November 22 - Show #178 - John Sandford - Prey Series
As this date was Thanksgiving, we chose to rebroadcast one of our shows from earlier this year. Our interview with writer John Sandford was nothing short of terrific, and worth a repeat. We spoke with him just days before Twisted Prey was released. Cordial, charming and down to earth, John Sandford delighted all in the studio and, I'm sure. all the listeners our there that listened in live.

November 15 - Show #177 - Wes Rand - Payback is Hell
Guest Wes Rand traveled from Las Vegas to be in the studio with us and was a lot of fun. An interesting and terrific guy, Wes is the writer and creator of the Western series featuring Evil Stryker. His latest book, Payback Is Hell, is an outstanding example of modern western writing with a twist. And, we were on Facebook Live!

November 8 - Show #176 - Henry Parke - Film Editor for True West Magazine
Now on Facebook Live! 
Our nonsensical show with writer Henry Parke was a lot of fun for everyone. Henry is the quintessential blogger, screenwriter and all around nice guy. Film editor for True West Magazine and founder of the popular blog Henry's Western Round-Up, Henry is always interesting!

November 1 - Show #175 - Axel Howerton - Con Morte
Our interview with writer Axel Howerton was informative and a lot of fun. After all, who doesn't like talking about the mafia, and he is the publisher of Coffin Hop Press.

October 25 - Show #174 - Eleanor Kuhns - The Devil's Cold Dish
Russ and my interview with writer, Eleanor Kuhns was, if nothing else, highly informative and extremely interesting. Her knowledge of writing and the early New England Settlers is something everyone should read about

October 18 - Show #173 - Ruth Ramsey - Candle of Dreams
Bobbi and my interview with writer Ruth Ramsey last evening went splendiferously! Ruth is a great lady and quite the author. Her book, Candle of Dreams, is gaining some traction and you owe it to yourselves to give a read!

October 11 - Show #172 - Jackie Carr - Martyr
A small taste of last Thursday's frivolity in the studio with writer, Jackie Carr. Good guest, great conversation and an enjoyable read...what The Writer's Block is all about! Listen in and see for yourself!!!

October 4 - Show #171 - Steena Holmes - The Forgotten Ones
After two faulty starts, we finally got an interview started with writer Steena Holmes. Her newest book, The Forgotten Ones, was a study in guilt, insanity and familial lies, leading to revelations no one could have guessed. Her writing is snappy, coherent and sometimes full of innuendo.

September 27 - Show #170 - Stanley Swan - Undertakings of An Undertaker

September 20 - Show #169 - John E. Mariott - Tall Tales & Long Lenses
Jim Christina's interview with writer and world class photographer, John E. Marriott turned out to be a fascinating look into wildlife photography by a terrific photojournalist. John's new book, Tall Tales and Long Lenses, is chock full of amazing wildlife photos and chronicles his ascent into photography, then into the wild! Give a listen!

September 13 - Show #168 - Dr. Lewena Bayer - The 30% Solution
Apparently civility takes many forms and this week was no different. Writer, Dr. Lew Bayer's book, The 30% Solution, led us down the path to being and feeling better about ourselves and our situations in the work place, and apparently, ex-wives.

September 6 - Show #167 - Johnnie Bernhard 
A Good Girl & How We Came to Be
Our conversation with writer Johnnie Bernhard last evening went as we had hoped. Our listeners got a lot of information and more, some wonderful insights into an award winning writer.

August 30 - Show #166 - Claire Fullerton - Mourning Dove
Our guest, Claire Fullerton, was, as usual, warm, gregarious and a lot of fun. Claire's book Mourning Dove reflects life in Memphis society in the 70's and early 80's and most certainly gives us insight into the lives of the gentried class in the latter part of the century. Claire is always welcome back to The Writer's Block and we hope she visits often!

August 23 - Show #165 - Miranda Oh - Chin Up Tits Out
Our interview with writer, Miranda Oh, was not only fun, but this lady has energy to burn. And guys, she's single, however, I should warn you that first date she want you to read her books to see if there will be a second foolin'.

August 16 - Show #164 - Laura Lovett - Losing Cadence & Finding Sophie
Our conversation with writer, entrepreneur, psychologist and mom, Laura Lovett last evening was not only informational but a lot of fun as well...had her phone not died, it would have been a bit longer, but, things happen on live radio. Suffice to say, Laura was delightful, ready to take on the motley crew at The Writer's Block and getting ready to start Happy Hour in Hawaii.

August 9 - Show #163 - Jenna Greene - Imagine & Reality
The writer, Jenna Greene, is not only a writer of renown, but a gal after our own hearts. Her comments regarding her writing style and process were not only lively but a lot of fun. And, it appears, she writes drunk and edits, sober. Our kind of gal...and quite possibly the best admission we have ever had on The Writer's, we know she was kidding, but hey, it's all good time...

August 2 - Show #162 - Tony Phillips - Fires of Orc
Our conversation with writer Tony Phillips was a lot of fun. Tony is smart, articulate, fun and a terrific writer. His conversation regarding his writing process was spot on and, he even took time to tolerate our inane nonsensical banter.

July 26 - Show #161 - Jim Christina - End of Line
Last Thursday was very interesting in that Russ and I talked about one of my books, End of Line and writing in general, Bobbi Jean called in and we spoke about the show and writing and ended the hour late...oh well. Give a listen right here at LA Talk Radio!!!

July 19 - Show #160 - Tosca Lee The Progeny & Firstborn
Read more about this interview on the OutWest Scout Blog
We were fortunate enough to have as a guest this week, writer Tosca Lee. Her book The Progeny'and it's sequel, Firstborn are hitting the racks and flying off of shelves across the nation. This New York Times best selling author has it all. Great story telling, humor, and a huge desire to please the [readers that enjoy her books. Give a listen!

July 12 - Show #159 - Philip S. Donlay
Read more about this interview on the OutWest Scout Blog
Writer Philip Donlay always brings fun, excitement and great stories to the show and this show was no different. His new book, Speed the Dawn is a thriller of the first kind. Set in Northern California, the novel sets the story and the scenarios ablaze with action and actual fire. This is a novel you can't miss. Check out his show here.

July 5 - Show #158 - Edward Willett
Our conversation with writer Edward Willett this was fun, educational and occasionally, somewhat nonsensical.

June 28 - Show #157 - Bob Brill
Being with Bob Brill in the studio as a co-host is always a treat, but having him as the featured guest is and can be terribly dangerous. Bob is one person that can go several different directions at once, and oft times does. But, a fun evening as all the Writer's Block family was there to join the festivities...including the old stand-by...Almond Tequila!

June 21- Show #156 - Michael Brady
Our interview with writer Michael Brady opened a whole new world to us not involved in the intelligent services. Michael's writing is concise, clear and easily readable with a story line unlike most others

June 14 - Show #155 - Thomas E. Simmons
Our interview with writer Thomas E. Simmons ( Tommy ) was not only fun, but educational in ways we never expected. Taking us on a journey from 1864 to 1916, he introduced us to a great old southern family and to some wonderful characters! Give a listen!!!

June 7 - Show #154 - John Arthur Long - "The Mean"
Our interview with writer John Arthur Long was as expected, full of high school angst, and the travails of High School staff that don't always have the answers. His book, The Mean gave us a look into the minds of not only the students, but faculty as well...well written and highly readable. Give a listen!!!

May 31 - Show #153 - Roy M. Griffis
Our interview with writer, Roy Griffis, (Griff to his friends) was a lot of fun. Not only is Griff a terrific writer, but as Bob said, "It's hard to write a protagonist that's a different sex as the writer, yet Griff Pulled it off wonderfully. His series By The Hands of Men is a terrific look at turn of the century England and Russia during and after WWI. You can listen right here!

May 24 - Show #152, Richard Paolinelli
This show was special in that it not only showcased a previous host on the show,, but took a look at an author finishing another author's work after a death. A fascinating show, including the widow of the original writer and the editor of the work. Richard Paolinelli was, as usual, smart. fast and intelligent in his explanations of the process...give a listen!

May 17 - Show #151, 3rd Anniversary- Ryter Rong - Ireland Calls My Name
Our guest on the Writer's Block was local author, Ryter Rong discussing her book, Ireland Calls My Name. A great journey into Ireland, Barbados and America of the 1600's, showing us a side of our history and culture few knew. Give a listen, discover for yourself, the wonderfulness of Ryter Rong's book and her early American history!

May 10-Show #150,  Wayne Avrashow
The folks at The Writer's Block had the honor of interviewing writer and attorney, Wayne Avrashow. A compelling book about a rock star running for the Senate. Gripping and extremely interesting. Give it a read and give a listen to the show.

May 3 -Show #149, Mike Papantonio - Law and Vengeance

Our interview with Florida attorney and writer, Mike Papantonio was a lot of fun. His book, Law and Vengeance is a great read with wonderful characterizations and a plot that just doesn't let go.

April 26 - Show #148,  - Bruce Olav Solheim
Bruce Olav Solheim is, if anything, a true believer in paranormal activities. Bruce's book, available the end of June (tentative) is chock full of paranormal stories and scenarios fit to make things go bump in the night.

April 19 -Show #147,  John Sandford
Our interview with writer John Sandford was nothing short of terrific. Cordial, charming and down to earth, John Sandford delighted all in the studio and, I'm sure. all the listeners our there that listened in live.

April 12 - Show #146,  Karen E. Lee - The Full Catastrophe, A Memoir
Our interview with writer Karen E. Lee was a wealth of information regarding marital abuse and how it can and does affect thousands of women yearly. Her book, The Full Catastrophe, A Memoir, was a fascinating read and highly informative, although because of the subject matter, a little hard to read, mostly because we don't, as a society, like to think we can and do behave that way. Give a listen right here...learn what a lot of folks already have, we are the best at what we do!!

April 5 - Show #145,  John Leonard Pielmeier - Hook's Tale
Our interview with writer John Leonard Pielmeier was a total blast. Not only is John a wonderful writer, but his reading of a passage of his book, Hook's Tale, was nothing short of terrific!

March 29 - Show #144 Peggy A. Wheeler
March 22 - Show #143 Kelly Charron
March 15 - Show #142 Peggy Chambers
March 8 - Show #141 Erin Pringle
March 1 -Show #140 Bianca Marais

February 22 -Show #139 Sharon Weil
February 15 -Show #138 Melissa Carrigee

February 8 - Show #137 Ankit Shukla 
February 1 - Show #136 John T. Biggs

January 25 - Show #135 Mark Reynolds
January 18 - Show #134 Peter Gajdics
January 11- Show #133 Mickey Mikkelson
Jaunary 4 - Show #132  Rick Ferguson


January 5 - Show #80 Michael B. Druxman
Bobbi's and my conversation with Michael Druxman last evening on The Writer's Block was not only a lot of fun, informative, but also a total hoot for everyone there or with us. Michael is a multi-talented writer of everything from screenplays to novels to autobiographies, biographies, true crime, plays, music...the list goes on. We were honored to have Michael with us and hope we can get him back someday soon.

January 12 - Show #81 Gary Williams
My conversation with Gary Williams last evening was not only a lot of fun, but informative as well. I know know, as do our listeners, everything there is to know about cowboying, the real way, with dogs, good horses and savvy as to what you are doing. Check out Gary's book, "Lessons from the Range" and tune in weekly for new authors, new folks, great conversation and good friends only at LA Talk radio; The Writer's Block!

January 19 - Show #82 Best of The Writer's Block
From the best of The Writer's Block: This evening Bobbi and me interviewed Judge Douglas McCullough here on the Writer's Block. The Judge wrote a book titled "Sea of Greed" the story of the capture and trial of Manuel Noriega of Panama for smuggling thousands of tons of Marijuana and other drugs through Panama into the United States. Judge McCullough was the federal prosecutor on the case and was the one that personally prosecuted Mister Noriega. A page burner book and dynamite interview with the Judge. Take a listen, won't you?

January 26 - Show #83 Lori Spangler
Last evening, Russ and I interviewed writer Lori Spangler on her book; "Miles of Memories: One Woman's Journey to all 50 States" Lori is a force and we had a wonderful time talking with her about her memories, travels and traveling as a young woman by car, bus and plane by herself. Check out her interview.

February 2 - Show #84 John Hagenburger
February 9 - Show #85 Richard Paolinelli
February 16 - Show #86 Philip Donlay
February 23 - Show #87 Jodi Cain Smith

March 2 - Show #88 Rosa Latimer
March 9 - Show #89 Dr. Reggie R. Padin
March 16 - Show #90 Jack Struble
March 23 - Show #91 Amanda Matti
March 30 - Show #92 Ruth Ramsey

April 6 - Show #93 Lynette Grace Powell
April 13- Show #94 Joe Herrington and Mary Kaye
April 20 - Show #95 Margaret Brownley and Almeda Bradshaw
April 27 - Show #96 Seven Wings of Glory Kathleen Rodgers

May 4 - Show #97 Bracha Goetz
May 11 - Show #98 Ona Russell
May 18 - Show #99 Eliot Parker
May 25 - Show #100 Peggy Wheeler

June 1 - Show #101 Travis Norwood
June 8 - Show #102 Doug Figgs
June 15 - Show #103 Chelsea Hickman and Michael Druxman
June 22 -Show #104 Eric Heisner and Al Bringas
June 29 - Show #105 Henry Parke and C. Courtney Joyner

July 6 - Show #106 Chris Formant
July 13 - Show #107 Maggie Espinosa
July 20 - Show #108 Jeff McArthur
July 27- Show #109 Gary Phillips

August 3 - Show #110 Caroline Giammanco
August 10 - Show #111 Patrick Brown
August 17 - Show #112 Chuck Walsh
August 24 - Show #113 Craig Johnson
August 31 - Show #114 Mike Bond

September 7 - Show #115 Two hour show on the topics of literary agents, editors, publishing and independent publishing with guests:
Richard Paolinelli, Jeff McArthur, Claire Fullerton, Kathleen Rodgers, Henry Parke, JR Sanders and Gerry Christina
September 14 - Show #116 Sarah L. Johnson
September 21 - Show #117 K.J. Howe
September 28 - Show #118 Suzy Vadori

October 5 - Show #119 Adam Dreece
October 12 - Show #120 Katie Salidas
October 19 - Show #121 Parris Afton Bonds
October 26 - Show #122
 Rochelle Wisoff Fields

November 2 - Show #123 Price Ainsworth
November 9 - Show #124 Eric Heisner, Al Bringas
November 16 - Show #125 Stephanie Osborn
November 23 - Show #126 Joe Herrington
November 30 - Show #127 Robert J. Sawyer

December 7 - Show #128 Marina Fontaine
December 14 - Show #129 Bobbi Jean Bell
December 21 - Show #130 Jack Adler

December 28 - Show #131 Eric C. Anderson


2015 Podcasts


If you are interested in being on the show in 2022-2023, please contact, "The Bookie," Gerry Christina at for information about the show's scheduling opportunities. Post information about your books, blog, CD releases, upcoming events on our Facebook page.