Denali Blankets

The Denali® Home Collection is a division of Monterey Mills, a major manufacturer of pile or fleece product with over 60 years producing quality products.

The Denali® Home Collection launched in 1998 and was instantly recognized as a distinctive gift item due to its plush feel and large size. Denali® double-sided throws bring the consumer a new level of warmth and softness. Softer and warmer than fleece, these unique throws are made from an innovative fabric twenty years in the making called Microplush®
this hi-tech pile fabric is knitted with a very fine denier acrylic fiber making it light, soft and comfortable to the touch. 

Denali® Microplush double-sided throws are fondly mentioned as the "Cadillac" of throws due to its luxury and comfort. Wrap up in a blanket or throw and you'll "feel like you've been hugged."
  • Machine washable and dryable unless noted
  • Crafted on demand
  • Allow 2 weeks for production and delivery of blankets, 60" x 72"
  • Allow 3 weeks for production and delivery of 18" x 18" pillows
  • Allow 3 weeks for production and delivery of 60" x 50" throws
  • Made in the USA