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"OutWest is without doubt the first stop to make for anyone seeking a doorway into everything to do with Western music and culture, including a superb choice of clothing, artist CD's, literature and much more. All the clothing I have worn at my shows over the last couple of years has been supplied by OutWest. Their shipping service is faultless and trouble free. The unending commitment and support that they provide to the western music movement is both inspiring and of invaluable assistance, especially to new and emerging artists. I cannot recommend them more highly; they are indeed the best of the West!"

Clint Bradley, Recording Artist

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Rendezvous With A Writer Logo
Rendezvous With A Writer Radio Show Launches August 4, 2022

OutWest Shop's Founders, Jim and Bobbi Jean Bell, share the radio airwaves hosting Rendezvous With A Writer beginning August 4, 2022. Join us on LA Talk Radio, 6:00pm (PST), Where Writers and Readers Meet. Story Is Everything.

Enjoy this terrific post written and shared by author Peggy Chambers. Join her guest Rene Gutteridge, Peggy Chambers, and Bobbi and Jim on October 20, 2022. Read all about it here!

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M&P Speed Shop GULF Track Jacket
#8 Spotlight on Fashion: Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

START YOUR ENGINES! Warm weather returns and so do car shows, car races, working under the hood, and road trips!  Morgan's and Phillip's Speed Shop cool T-Shirts, Thermals and Caps are inspired by vintage cars, motorcycles, classic designs and Officially Licensed GULF products. Authenticity, is what sets M&P Speed Shop apart from the competition. The brand strives to tell a story with each garment. Made in the USA. OutWest Shop offers the full line, we're highlighting a few of our favorites. Shop the collection here:

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Scully Geometric Print Shoulder Tote Style #719302
#7 Spotlight On Fashion Handbags

PACK YOUR BAG! Are you heading out? Where are you going? Errands, to work, to the playground or ball field? What goes with you where ever you go? Are there extras like sun protection, water bottle, tablet, or change of shoes you don't want to forget? Here are five woven generous sized handbags with roomy interiors and fashionable good looks. All from the Scully Leather Co.

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"OutWest, Bobbi Jean and Jim Bell have been a super source for all things western since I first met them over ten years ago. They have always been reliable and willing to give their best effort to find what you're looking for. They have become my go to source for western clothing and literature."

John Bergstrom

"An amazing store with unique Western merchandise. Bobbi Jean & Jim Bell are a pleasure to work with and their wonderfully positive attitudes are contagious. Step inside the online store and look around. You'll be making plans for Christmas in July! They have shirts for lookin' sharp and jewelry that will make yer best gal smile. Don't forget to check out their great selection of books and Western specialty items too. All Great Stuff!!"

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