July 19, 2018 The Writer's Block Interviews TOSCA LEE

July 17, 2018

July 19, 2018 The Writer's Block Interviews TOSCA LEE

New York Times Best Selling Author TOSCA LEE joined the hosts of The Writer's Block Radio Show on LA TALK Radio to discuss her masterful thriller THE PROGENY.

What if .... you had a secret so deep, powerful, and painful that you couldn't live with it and decided the only way to continue living was to have it erased it from your memory?
What if...erasing that memory erased all memory and you discovered you didn't know who to trust?
What if...you discovered that the memory, afterall, was necessary for survival and you had to relearn your past?
What if...as you relearned your past you discovered that you were a direct descendant of a merciless, sadistic, serial killer who died more than 400 years ago?

If you... enjoy getting lost in stories with roots in the historic past and fast forward to today you'll want this book.
If you ...hunger for a series that introduces engaging characters caught in a terrifying web of deceit following clues found in ancient symbols, church glass windows, and crumbling documents with sketchy handwriting to find their way to safety you'll want this book.

Are you familiar with the infamous Countess Elizabeth Bathory De Ecsed? Paste her name into any web browser and be prepared to be horrified by the crimes attibuted to her! A woman of immense wealth, power, and beauty her sadistic escapades are the stuff of legend. Or...was she truly guilty of the 650 murders of young women which she was accused? THE PROGENY follows the complex lives of her descendants into modern day. Empowered with special skills and talents, the Progeny spend their lives hiding from the Scions whose whole purpose in life is to eradicate them. 

This is an adventure that starts on page one and keeps going to the very end. It is unrelentless in its speed, criss crossing nations, cities, cathedrals, monasteries, and the Underground. What starts in a quiet Maine lakeside retreat ends in the Fransican Monastery on the isle of Košljun in Punat Bay. And, that's just Book One! The story continues in Book Two - FIRSTBORN.

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7/19/2018 Program #158 with Author TOSCA LEE
Hosts: Author Jim Christina, OutWest's Bobbi Jean Bell, Author Bob Brill
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