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July 12, 2018 The Writer's Block Radio Show Interviews PHILIP S. DONLAY

July 11, 2018

July 12, 2018 The Writer's Block Radio Show Interviews PHILIP S. DONLAY

Author PHILIP S. DONLAY joined us this week on the Writer's Block Radio Show, broadcast online on LA TALK RADIO. This was Donlay's third appearance on the show, and I was excited to catch up with this prolific writer - author of the "Donovan Nash Novel" series.

His latest, fast moving, page turning thriller is SPEED THE DAWN. The title is inspired by this prayer:

"As the brightness and clarity of the day fades, we ask you, Lord, to keep us safe until morning. In the depth of night, we pray that you will show us the path with your everlasting light. As always, Lord, we trust in you to protect us from danger, and in your wisdom, we pray that you’ll speed the dawn. Amen."

Each of the books in this series features central characters, Donovan Nash and his wife Dr. Lauren McKenna. What a special couple they are! I don't want to give away any of the back story to this series...just read them and let Donlay spin the stories!

Here's a synopsis of SPEED THE DAWN, as it appears on the author's website:

Hundreds of white-hot meteor fragments plunge toward Earth near Monterey Bay, California. Huge fires ignite the tinder-dry landscape and, as the sun sets, the power grid collapses and the fires grow, illuminating a nightmare created in hell itself. Donovan Nash realizes he is trapped.

Injured and growing desperate, his options dwindling, Donovan fights to keep himself and a small band of survivors alive until dawn, when they can make one last attempt to escape the inferno.

Meanwhile, Donovan's wife, Dr. Lauren McKenna, working with the Pentagon as well as the Forest Service, envisions a bold approach to stop the fire from spreading all the way to the Bay Area and the seven million residents living there. She's terrified that, if not executed perfectly, her plan could cause the death of thousands of people—including Donovan.

Interviews with Philip Donlay:
July 12, 2018 - Speed The Dawn
February 16, 2017 - Seconds to Midnight
October 13, 2016 - Pegasus Down

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7/12/2018 Program #157 -Author Philip S, Donlay
Hosts: Author Jim Christina, OutWest's Bobbi Jean Bell, Author Bob Brill
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