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Eastern Men: A Hunter Tale

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Eastern Men: A Hunter Tale
Jim Christina
Create Space, November 2010
Softcover, 254 pgs.

From the Publisher:
When Phineas Bellflower, a writer from Brooklyn and late of Chicago, arrives on the stage in Tucson, he unwittingly sets the stage for a series of turns that will leave both the Hunter and Jeff Stryker scratching their heads. Again you can regale while Whitey and Lenny bumble and stumble and come out smelling like a rose. Hog tying Phineas and leaving him laying in the middle of the desert in his underwear and shoes, Lenny and Whitey make off with all of Phineas' gear and luggage, hoping to find the money they know he had with him. But, thrown into the mix are two thugs from the 5th Ward in New York, Spats Melloy and Mr. O'Brien sent to kill Phineas over an expose' he wrote about the 5th Ward boss, Michael J. McManus, Big Mike, who is also in route to Arizona.

The race is now on for the Hunter and Jeff Stryker to get Phineas out of harms way and into the safe haven of Tombstone before either the Sonora Desert, Spats, Mr. O'Brien or Whitey and Lenny catch up to him. The desert is proving to be a large foe for the two thugs from Brooklyn and is slowly taking them apart, leaving them hapless, and helpless on their own. Unprepared and unknowing they arrived in Arizona thinking it a cake walk, when in reality, the desert is proving to be their biggest foe.

Eventually all characters wind up in Tombstone in an altercation that will have you surprised and grinning from ear to ear. The dialogue is fast and fresh as are the characters in this rollicking good yarn. Belly laughs abound as you follow the groups across the desert in search of safety and each other. Come join the Hunter and Stryker as they ply their trade and once again show the compassion and strength they posses.

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