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The Master's Call is hosted by OutWest Shop's Bobbi Jean and features an hour of music and poetry to uplift, inspire, comfort, energize your spirit and feed your soul. Airs Sundays at 12pm (PST) and repeats in it's entirety Sunday at 4pm (PST). Airs on Buy American Radio.

OutWest Hour is a one hour broadcast hosted by OutWest Shop's Bobbi Jean Bell. Featuring Western, Western Swing, Cowboy Country, Western Film and Musical Tunes, and Western Poetry, Bobbi Jean creates a unique, and entertaining, listening experience. Airs Fridays at 12pm (PST) and repeats in it's entirety Saturday at 12pm (PST) on Buy American Radio.  

#4 The Master's Call - April 25, 2021
The Master's Call

#3 The Master's Call - April 18, 2021

Our first set celebrate God's precious gift of friendship. In the second set, a storm's abrewing and amidst lightning strikes, stampedes, and the devil on your tail - rely on your friends, and your Lord, to get you through. 
1. Larry Wilder - Turn Your Radio On - CD Songs of the Spirit
2. Riders in the Sky - You've Got A Friend in Me - CD Woody's Roundup Toy Story 2
3. The Tumbling Tumbleweeds - My Saddle Pals and I - CD The Tumbling Tumbleweeds
4. Joyce Woodson - That's What A Pal Would Do - CD Living The Western Dream
5. Susie Knight - Bein' A Neighbor - CD Fillin' Tanks
6. Joni Harms - Millie - CD After All
7. Steve Deming - The Box (A Poem) - CD Riding Catalina Again
8.  Terry Brown - Friends -CD It's A Cowboy Thang
9. Randy Huston - I Am The Storm - Single
10. Barry Ward - A Storm Abrewin' - CD Rancher's Paradise
11. Clint Bradley - The Lightning Ride - CD Soul Of The West
12. Cherilyn Johnston - Christian Cowboy - CD Out of The Darkness
13. Hot Texas Swing Band - Devil On My Tail - CD Devil On My Tail
14. Dawn Anita - Jesus Ace In The Hole - CD I Saw The Light
15. Greg Hager - Valley of the Shadow  - CD Two Roads
16. Mark Baker - The Road Not Taken - CD Third Generation 
17. Lynn Anderson - I Road In As A Stranger - CD The Andersons: A Family Affair
18. Riders In The Sky - You've Got A Friend in Me (Instrumental) - CD Toy Story 2: Original Soundtrack

#2 The Master's Call - April 11, 2021
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1. Holy Water & Whiskey - Turn Your Radio On - CD Give Us Just A Little More Time
2. Joyce Woodson - If I Hadn't Seen The West - CD If I Hadn't Seen The West
3. Floyd Beard - Canyons - CD Horse Tales and Cow Tails
4. Nancy Elliott - My Master's Voice - CD California Trails
5. Gene Culkin -Singin' My Song To The Sky - CD Lore, Lies, Legends of the American West
6. Riders In The Sky - Song Of The Trail - CD Land Beyond The Sun
7. Joe Herrington - Image Of A Cowboy - CD Men of Honor
8. Mikki Daniel - Heaven In The West - CD Cowgirl Swing
9. Randy Huston - The Master's Call - CD There's A Hole in Daddy's Rope
10. Holy Water & Whiskey - Give Us Just A Little More Time  - CD Give Us Just A Little More Time
11. Greg Hager - Ready to Make Camp - CD Rose Colored Glasses
12. The Lost Canyon Rangers - All My Trails - CD Carry On...
13. Jean & Gary Prescott - The Master's Rhapsody - CD Satisfied Hearts
14. Terry Brown - Circle of Life - CD Party on the Prairie
15. Dawn Anita - May the Circle Be Unbroken - CD I Saw The Light
16. The Hanson Family - Go Rest High On That Mountain - CD Rope That Rhythm
17. Belinda Gail - Dear Friends - CD California Trails

#1 The Master's Call - April 4, 2021
The show's premiere!

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1. Holy Water & Whiskey - Turn Your Radio On - CD Give Us Just A Little More Time
2. Don Edwards - The Master's Call - CD Cowboy Hymns & Prayers
3. Susie Knight - Meeting The Master - CD Fillin' Tanks
4. Sons of the San Joaquin - Ridin' Up The Glory Trail - CD Way Out Yonder
5. Joni Harms - That's Faith - CD From Oregon To Ireland
6. Doug Figgs/ The Cowboy Way - Bible In My Pocket - CD Doin' What We Do
7. Deanna Dickinson McCall - The Leather Is Red - CD Riding
8. Marvin O'Dell - Jesus and Roy - CD The Silver Screen Cowboy Project
9. Carolyn Martin - Detour - CD Wild West Texas Wind
10. Dawn Anita - How Great Thou Art - CD I Saw The Light
11. Bob Marshall - Heaven Has A Screen Door - CD Screen Door
12. Teresa Burleson - Daddy Said - CD My Story, My Song
13. Curly Musgrave, R.W. Hampton, Belinda Gail - I Was There - CD Father to Father
14. Joe Herrington - Drinkin' From My Saucer - CD Shalako
15. Eli Barsi - Life's Railway To Heaven - CD Little Mountain Church
16. Belinda Gail - Amazing Grace - CD Lass of the San Joaquin
17. Terry Brown - Blue Skies Only - CD Party on the Prairie