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In Their Own WRITE on Buy American Radio

In Their Own WRITE is a one hour weekly show hosted by station owner and heralded songwriter/singer, Terry Brown. Each week, Terry talks LIVE to another creator from the music, publishing, print or movie industry about the creative process. The show includes original content from the writers or authors. Airs Thursdays at 10am (PST).

#2 In Their Own WRITE - April 1, 2021

Host Terry Brown interviews guest  H. Jack Williams. His songwriting career spans decades and his successes are to numerous to name here. Just know that some of his current music has been included in the hit TV show "Yellowstone" and also co- writes with Kevin Costner for Kevin Costner & Modern West. 

#1 In Their Own WRITE - March 25, 2021
Features an interview and the music of Roger Brown and George Strait.