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A Pair To Draw To

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Rex Allen and Don Edwards

Meet Don Edwards
Live Radio Interview with documentary filmmaker Katie Ryan
Campfire Cafe on Equestrian Legacy Radio
Recorded June 9, 2016
Click here for podcast

From our Purveyor of Music:
This is one of my favorite Don Edwards CDs. Although recorded over 20 years ago, it still sounds fresh to me. To hear Rex Allen's voice paired with Don's is magic. Here are two men, still passionate about the big wide West, and they raise their voices in praise of it. Classics by Robert Nolan, Cindy Walker, and even one by Smiley Burnette! Who wouldn't want to ride the range with these two cowboys?

1. It's My Lazy Day (Smiley Burnette)
2. Tis Aint' the Same Old Range (Robert Nolen)
3. Cow Poke (Billy Alerts/Stormy Aerts)
4. Sunset Trail (Cliff Crofford)
5. Blue Canadian Rockies (Cindy Walker)
6. There's a Bridal Hanging on the Wall
   (Carson J. Hill/ K. Keirn Brennan)
7. Doggone Cowboy (Joseph T. Babcock)
8. Summer Night's Rain (Robert Nolen)
9. There's Nobody Home on the Range Anymore
    (Robert Parsons/Ed Penny)
10. Old Home Town (Robert Nolen)
11. Empty Saddles (William J. Hill/J. Keirn Brennan)