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OutWest And Friends organizes the Buckaroo Book Shop, a venue at the annual Santa Clarita, (CA) Cowboy Festival. Come meet authors and songwriters. Chat about their work and purchase their titles. Admission to the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival is FREE! The Buckaroo Book Shop and OutWest Stage near the entrance to the Santa Clarita Historical Society on the grounds of William S. Hart Park.

Come visit us at the Buckaroo Book Shop. Are you a writer? Reader? Meet and chat with our authors. They want to meet you! ENTER the drawing to win books donated by our authors!

2019 Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival
Saturday, April 13, 2017
Sunday, April 14, 2017
10:00 am - 6:00 pm, William S. Hart Park
Come see us! 
Buckaroo Book Shop Participants
Bob Brill
Margaret Brownley
Eric Heisner
D. B. Jackson
C. Courtney Joyner - Saturday Only
Andria Kidd - Sunday Only
Katie E. Ryan - Saturday Only
J. R. Sanders
Janet Squires

OutWest Stage Musical Performances - Adjacent to the Buckaroo Book Shop
Saturday April 13
John Bergstrom 11:00 & 2:25
Jerry Hall & Trick Shot 11:35 & 3:00
Ron Christopher 12:45 & 4:00
Almeda Bradshaw 1:20 & 4:30

Sunday April 14
Almeda Bradshaw 10:45 & 1:30
Ron Christopher 11:20 & 1:15
Jerry Hall & Trick Shot 12:30 & 3:25
John Bergstrom 1:05