December 08, 2019


This is so much fun, why pretend on one day only? A Time Traveler travels any day, any time...even today! At OutWest Shop we celebrate this day with a special savings! Now through December 16 Save $25 off ANY $125 or more purchase with coupon code TIME.
Scully Men's Wahmaker Frock Coat #511099Scully Men's Wahmaker Frock Coat #541449Scully Men's Wahmaker Town Coat #541689

If you could travel to any time period- past or future - what would you choose? A particular date or an era? Who would you like to meet? It's fun to think about, isn't it? Classic design is as wearable today as it was in the days of the "Old West." These Frock and Town coats are from Scully Leather Co.'s Wahmaker Collection. As desirable and stylish as they ever were. Who needs another boring jacket?
Scully Men's Rangewear Duster RW107 BrownScully Men's Rangewear Duster RW107 BlackScully Men's Rangewear #RW107 Natural

From Scully Leather Co.'s Rangewear Collecton is this classic authentic canvas duster with corduroy collar and cuffs. Features metal buttons, saddle gusset and inside leg straps for bad weather riding. Shown in Brown, Black, and Natural. 
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Now through December 16 Save $25 off ANY $125 or more purchase with coupon code TIME.

Travel through Time with a great hat! How about one of these?
Conner Ladies' Hat C1055 Conner Ladies' Hat C1084Conner Men's Top Hat with Gears
Shop our Hat Collection for all times periods here.

How will you keep TIME? We suggest one of these two Steampunk desktop clocks from Alchemy of England 1977. Shop the entire Alchemy Collection here.
Alchemy of England 1977 Steampunk ClockAlchemy of England 1977 Steampunk Desk ClockAlchemy of England Time Traveler Watch
Every Time Traveler needs a great piece of luggage. How about a saddle bag or carpet bag?
Sxully Leather Saddle BagScully Textile HandbagAmerican West Tooled Bag #4242208
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According the National Day Calendar website, "Pretend to Be A Time Traveler Day began in 2007 and encourages us to step from our Tardis or flip open our Omni while wearing clothes from the past. At the same time, we should act appropriately confused by certain technology. 

Time travel has captured our imaginations for generations. Science and authors keep coming back to the topic again and again, so it should be no surprise there would be a day to pretend to be a time traveler. The original blog post that got the day rolling can be found here.  For more resources on how to be a time travel or at least act like one, we can explore the wide array of television and movies produced over the decades." For the full description of the Day as well as suggestions of movies and books for inspiration read it here.

Time is fleeting! You can Time Travel any time but coupon code TIME expires on December 16! Use to SHOP and save $25.00 on ANY purchase of $125.00 or more! 

No matter what time it is, it's always a great day OutWest!
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