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September 29, 2020


Enjoy radio show interviews on Thursday on the Equestrian Legacy Radio Network and The Writer's Block!  KATY MOFFATT, an internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter joins us on Campfire Cafe. Tune in to hear the music and story behind her latest project, CHRYSALIS, a two-CD release on Sunset Blvd. Records. Saddle Up America featured guests include the founder of Thundering Hooves NETA RHYNE and singer/songwriter, award winning Native American flute player, GARETH LAFFELY, followed by RANDY RASMUSSEN of Back Country Horsemen of America. Thursday night on The Writer's Block Radio Show we chat with KERRY BLAISDELL, award-winning author of The Dead Series, including DEBRIEFING THE DEAD. Imagine picking up a normal looking rock only to have it suddenly come to life, screaming and screeching with wild abandon...what would you do next? It'll be a riveting conversaton with our guest, Kerry Blaisdell. Saturday, tune into the OutWest Hour for GENE AUTRY PUBLIC COWBOY #1.  
Katy Moffatt
10am (PST), 11am (MT), 12pm (CST), 1pm (EST)

An internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter from Ft. Worth, Texas, KATY MOFFATT calls California home. With 20 albums, appearances in 4 major motion pictures, and consistent live touring, her career has spanned more than 40 years, garnering numerous rave reviews, nominations, and awards. The most memorable American roots music—be it western, country, folk, rock or the blues—is always informed by a simple fact of life: you live and you learn. Just ask Katy Moffatt. Or better yet, listen to her sing, be it a song from her own prolific pen or a choice cut from a favorite songwriter. It’s clear that Katy sings and writes with the voice of hard-won authority.

Rolling Stone has then say – “Katy Moffatt has a big, powerful voice over which she exerts remarkable control. . .Hers is a voice with a natural country twang, but when the line calls for it she can sing just as smooth as you please; and when she reaches up for a high note, she grabs it and holds on."
Katy Moffatt CD Chrysalis
Katy’s three collaborations with Andrew Hardin, Walkin' on the MoonAngel Town, and Fewer Things, have been reissued as a 2-disc set on the Sunset Blvd label. Over a thirty year period, Katy spontaneously produced 3 intimate acoustic jewels with her musical compatriot and friend of many years, guitarist/producer extraordinaire, Andrew Hardin. There was no interference from others in the making of these albums. Absolute safety and protection from opinions influencing the sound and music made, beyond those of the 2 primary musicians and the 1 engineer was guaranteed.
A chrysalis is a place in which a caterpillar is protected while transforming into the butterfly it was born to become; it is a state of development: a place or a period of time in which someone or something is quietly, safely, invisibly transforming into its real, final, fully developed self, such as that of a caterpillar about to become a butterfly which will feed off flowers of its choice and aid in the process of pollination.

Made almost exactly 10 years apart, “Walkin’ On The Moon” (1988), “Angel Town” (1998), and “Fewer Things” (2008) are quiet gems that stand out like flowers growing wild…. untended and simply what they are: close to the bone, mirrors of the immediacy of live music – the interaction of 2 musicians who clearly share a sensibility and respect for song. And the songs come brightly, clearly through, unimpeded by other interpretive production. The records are rare for this reason and uninhibited, as live music always is. Now, one decade after the third of these wildflowers appeared, all three are gathered into a 2-disc bouquet and presented together as “Chrysalis”, a befitting title for 3 blooms allowed to develop through inspiration alone, more tender than most, perhaps, but safe from the hybridizing influence of other purpose.

Tune in for the memorable music of and lively conversation with KATY MOFFATT!

RANDY RASMUSSEN of Back Country Horsemen of America

11am (PST) 12pm (MT) 1pm (CST) 2pm (EST)
Neta Ryne
Founder of Thundering Hooves, NETA RHYNE, is an Enrolled Member of the Cherokee Nation, Direct Descendent of the ‘Trail Of Tears, and an award winning film maker/producer/director and writer. In 2011 Neta founded Thundering Hooves 501(c)3 non-profit organization to bring awareness to the many hardships horses face today. Thundering Hooves is a Native led, Grassroots Non-profit Organization formed to operate exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.  

Gareth Laffely
A 21 year old multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer and producer from Gallatin, Tennessee just outside of Nashville, GARETH LAFFELY's music has been licensed by the Discovery Channel, NASCAR, and Public Television. An award winning Native American Flute player and composer, Gareth is of Mi'kmaq/Cree descent. Remarkably talented well beyond his years, Gareth has been touching lives and moving souls all over the world. He is the youngest performer to reach  #2 on the Billboard New Age Music Top 100 charts for his 3rd CD,  Sky Before a Storm, and was also #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. 

Gareth Laffely CD Voices of the Guardians
His newest CD project, “Voices of the Guardians”, features award winning Native American actor Wes Studi (Dances with Wolves, Last of the Mohicans, Avatar, and Hostiles),  and Emmy Award winning producer Lance Bendiksen and was recorded with George Lucas’s Sky Walker Symphony at SkyWalker Ranch in Marin, CA. A companion film based on the Voices of the Guardians CD called “Spirit Song” has been released on GOUSA network and Roku TV.  "Voices of the Guardians" was also #2 on Billboard's New Age charts.  Performing at this year's Rendezvous 2020 October 29th -31st, we catch up with this dynamic and multi-talented perfomer.

Back Country Horsemen of America
In the second half of program we welcome, as our new first Thursday guest host, RANDY RASMUSSEN, of Back Country Horsemen of America!
Airs live every Thursday on Equestrian Legacy Radio beginning at 10:00am (PST), 11:00am (MT), 12:00pm (CST), 1:00pm (EST).

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Kerry Blaisdell
An author of award-winning Romantic Suspense and Historical Mystery, KERRY BLAISDELL, has a Bachelor of Arts from U.C. Berkeley in Comparative Literature and a Master’s in Teaching English and Advanced Mathematics from the University of Portland.
Debriefing the Dead by Kerry Blaisdell Waking The Dead by Kerry Blaisdell
Making her first appearance, Kerry Blaisdell joins Jim Christina and Bobbi Jean, to chat about DEBRIEFING THE DEAD, the first book in the DEAD SERIES. Imagine picking up a normal looking rock only to have it suddenly come to life, screaming and screeching with wild abandon...what would you do next? 

“The supernatural mystery and suspense elements drive the fast-paced plot forward, combined with enough romance to add sentimental flair between the characters. Balanced with a sense of fun and quirky situations, Debriefing the Dead is excellently imaginative and hard to put down. So what’s next for Geordi’s devoted and fearless “Tata Hyhy”? I’m eager to find out how the story will continue. Overall, an exciting supernatural thriller from Kerry Blaisdell for fans of the genre. ” ~Lit Amri, Reader’s Favorite

It'll be a riveting conversaton with our guest, KERRY BLAISDELL!
The Writer's Block Radio Show airs on LA Talk Radio.  Airs live every Thursday on LA Talk Radio - NEW TIME - 6pm (PST), 7pm (MT), 8pm (CST), 9pm (EST).
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Gene Autry Birthday

A man was born on September 29, 1907 never knowing he would change the very direction of my life. From the moment we stepped into the museum that bears his name in February 1991, we were swept up by his share the rich story of the West with the world...a story told through scholarly research and artifacts, through music, artwork, literature...and so much more. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUBLIC COWBOY #1 GENE AUTRY from an adoring fan!

Shall I tell you of the first time we met? How his handshake was one I will long remember, how he gave me his full attention for the short time we chatted - me gushing and tongue tied, he warm with sparkling eyes that never wavered from mine while he thanked me for my volunteer work. Never looked at his watch or over his shoulder. Old school charm and manners - gentlemanly - attentive - gracious.

You may know Gene through his music, radio and TV shows, and movies. Or because he's the only entertainer to have five stars on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. Or because you are a fan of his beloved Angels baseball team. Who you may be less familiar with is Gene the visionary, Gene the entrepreneur, and Gene the Patriot. His commitment to political causes and public diplomacy is less well known.
Gene Autry And The New Deal by Michael Duchemin
Michael Duchemin, author of NEW DEAL COWBOY: GENE AUTRY AND PUBLIC DIPLOMACY, reveals another side of Gene and the various platforms this cowboy crooner used to support important causes, notably Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal and foreign policy initiatives leading up to World War II. One of the greatest pleasures of my years at the Autry Museum was working alongside Michael Duchemin on a variety of projects including the Gene Autry Centennial Exhibition in 2007. If you thought you knew Gene Autry, think again! In this book "Sergeant Gene Autry" claims another role, that of "one of the most important cultural figures of the Great Depression years.”—Peter Stanfield, author of Horse Opera: The Strange History of the Singing Cowboy.

Thank you, GENE AUTRY, for inspiring us to share the story of the West in our own way - through radio, community relationships, and through the designers, artists, musicians, and craftspeople offered at OutWest Shop.
Forever Your Pal, Bobbi Jean and Jim Bell

This week's OutWest Hour is a TRIBUTE TO PUBLIC COWBOY #1
Gene Autry (September 29, 2007 - October 2, 1998)
---posted by OutWest Shop Purveyor, Book Guide, and Radio Host Bobbi Jean

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