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Where The Custer Fight Began: Undermanned and Overwhelmed The Reno Valley Fight

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Where The Custer Fight Began: 
Undermanned and Overwhelmed The Reno Valley Fight
Battle Of The Little Big Horn Series Volume Ten
Upton & Sons, first edition ( November 10, 2011)
Donald W. Moore

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From the Inside Flap:
Finally from the talented pen of author Donald W. Moore and the superb collection of well known historian Glen Swanson, a definitive account of the actions that took place under the command of Major Marcus A. Reno in the valley at the Little Big Horn Battle. The focus of the book is the Valley Fight, which includes Reno's attack on the village and his subsequent retreat, the conditions under which Reno attacked the village, Reno's tatics, the actual location and composition of the Skimish Line, the existence or non-existence of the timber, and Reno's actions and responsibilities. Author Moore looks favorably upon the Major's actions and makes a compelling case in Reno's favor. Using contemporary sources such as witness interviews, memoirs, a detailed examination of the Reno Court of Inquiry official transcript, and a thorough examination of the field of battle, Moore presents a well-reasoned, refreshing new interpretation of this controversial event that launched the famous battle that ended in disaster for General George A. Custer and the 7th Cavalry on June 25, 1876.

The book also includes a chapter, "Locating The Skirmish Line," written by Glen Swanson, enhanced by maps and photographs from his world-class collection.