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Up Close & Personal

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Up Close & Personal
Katy Moffatt
Released 2005 Fuel Records

1. This Heart Stops For Railroad Crosses (Moffatt/Russell) 4:51
2. Amelia’s Railroad Flat (Russell) 3:47
3. My Man’s Been Laid Off (Near) 3:45
4. Walkin’ on the Moon (Moffatt/Russell) 3:45
5. Further (Halley) 4:12
6. Ruin This Romance (Flores/Moffatt/Waldman) 2:45
7. intro to Dance Me Outside 1:03
8. Dance Me Outside (Moffatt/Russell) 3:36
9. intro to Papacita 0:23
10. Papacita (Mama Rita) (Moffatt) 4:28
11. Borderline (Fitzgerald/Hubbard/Sebert) 4:38
12. Love Me Like A Man (Smither) 2:43
13. Crazy, Dangerous, and Blue (Moffatt) 2:51
14. Never Be Alone Again (Moffatt) 3:25
15. You Don’t Know Me (Arnold/Walker) 4:11
16. Sojourner Truth (Ain't I A Woman) (Moffatt/Russell) 3:32
17. I Know The Difference Now (Moffatt/Russell) 3:48
18. Waitin’ For A Train (Rodgers) 2:51

Katy Moffatt vocals, guitar

"MIDNIGHT RADIO: One Woman Show Featuring Katy Moffatt

MARCH 26, 2015
Click here for concert link

Katy Moffatt with Andrew Hardin and Fats Caplan, click here to see this concert filmed by SCVTV, May 7, 2011

For over three decades, KATY MOFFATT has delivered powerful, adventurous tunes, influenced by the various music of the western states. Her albums on Rounder, Philo, Shanachie and others show amazing style and content, and include songwriting with Wendy Waldman, Tom Russell and others. It's her live shows that are truly special. With just Katy and a guitar, the stage is filled with a fiery blaze of music. Whether singing her own tunes, or traditional music, or covers from an amazing range of songwriters, she's worth hearing.

Here's what Katy writes about this album:
"Strapping on my old Martin and performing takes me straight to the most central place I can be. Music saved my life, then gave me reason to continue. It is my mother and my child. I am paid to get on that plane, rent that car, drive those lonely hours to a place I've never seen, where I know no one, haul the gear, do the sound check, dine alone, sleep alone, and after 20 years it is still worth it. For 90 minutes I engage in an act of communication that is so pure, so intimate, so completely human, that I know I am not, never have been, never will be alone. If I've done my job well, every person in the room holds for themselves that same knowledge, and we will share this night forever."

 An intimate gathering recorded in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Up Close and Personal is now out on Fuel Records (distributed by Universal). Katy says of the recording: "a great night, a great audience … a collection of 16 of my favorite songs to perform live.

"This is the Katy Moffatt recording for those who have been curious but have never explored her many recordings. Tough, tender, and utterly full of spit, vinegar, and a roughshod elegance."—Thom Jurek,