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The West...Then...Now...Next

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The West: Then...Now...Next
Jim Jones and Special Guests

Jim Jones
2006 Jim Jones Music
2006 Produced by Rick Huff and Jim Jones

Here's co-producer Rick Huff's thoughts on this CD:
Getting somewhere! It's fair to say that's what "The West:Then...Now...Next" is really about. The songs concern themselves with different eras of, events from and hopes for our great West. But within each song lies its own movement...from point launched to point reached, point raised to point made. Originally a concept album stemming from Jim's orientation toward "reporting" on things Western, our writing took its own course and other songs magically appeared that fit right in. Jim Jones draws inspiration from many sources, including his desire to provide life lessons and his ingrained respect for doing things the Cowboy Way. However, it's Jim's creativity in crafting his songs and his ability to deliver them that makes his a unique voice in contemporary Western Music. It also makes him great fun to work with! We were proud to have earned a #1 Power Source Western chart song in September '05 with the title tune from our last CD release, and Jim Jones and I are equally proud to offer you his newest in "The West:Then...Now...Next!" Now let's hope we're all "getting somewhere" we want to be!
-----Rick Huff, co-producer, Albuquerque, 2006

1. That's What Cowboys Do   3:25
2.  Power In The Wind  4:16
3.  She Can't Do That     4:05
4.  Someday Soon     3:48
5.  Livin' Try      4:15
6.  Skeleton Canyon   4:38
7.  All My Trials Lead Home  4:36
8.  These Cowboy Boots  3:27
9.  Whiskeytown                5:06
10. Diggin' Billy            4:26
11.  The Outlaw Dream       4:49
12.  Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way 3:48
13. Another Page  2:14
14. Long May You Ride  3:18

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