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The Trouble With Love

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The Trouble With You
Linda Geleris
Released 2003

1. Happy Again
2. You Say You Love Me
3.  Your Words
4.  The Trouble With Love
5.  Mr. Harper
6.  To Her
7.  The Saviour's Arms
8.  Call Me Crazy

SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series:
An Evening with Women on the Move Trio

Filmed Oct. 15, 2011

OutWest was pleased to host Trish Lester, Joan Enguita & Linda Geleris singing as “Women on the Move Trio” for a two-hour concert recently. this was their second live performance. Click the link and enjoy the concert!

As a trio they shared folk, pop and country songs of love, laughter and hope, showcasing their individual talents highlighted by vocal harmonies, acoustic guitar, dulcimer and a variety of percussion. This family-friendly entertainment centered around original music and lyrics written by each performer and included songs by the legendary Joni Mitchell.