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The Look Of The Old West A Fully Illustrated Guide

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The Look of the Old West: A Fully Illustrated Guide
Author: William Foster-Harris
Illustrated by: Evelyn Curro
Skyhorse Publishing
Published April 17, 2007
Paperback. 320 pages. Black & White illustrations throughout.
From the Publisher:
Illustrated with images of sabers, steamboats, handguns, hats, saddles, and more, this is a valuable resource for historians, re-enactors, costumers, and others. With encyclopedic knowledge and an extensive collection of Old West memorabilia handed down to him from military veterans, cowboys, frontiersmen, and Native Americans, William Foster-Harris truly understood what the days of cowboys and trail drivers looked and felt like.
His book offers the fashions and feel of the Old West from the end of the 1860s through the 1890s by detailing the styles of the period; military dress; weaponry of the time; and more. Illustrated with clear, precise drawings to assist the descriptions, few books present a better idea of how the West really looked.

About the Author:
William Foster-Harris was many things in his lifetime, including an educator, an oilman, the editor of an oil-related newspaper, and an author.