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Rustler's Moon

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Rustler's Moon
Jim Jones
May 2011 Create Space
334 pages, Softcover

From our Purveyor of Books:
This is a page turner from start to finish. You will be intrigued, captivated, boo -hiss-and cheer. There are good guys, evil guys, and a few on the border. This is the first of a three book series - and Book 2 Colorado Moon is equally engaging. I can't wait for Book 3 Waning Moon. Jim Jones pen, like the lyrics he sings, writes the truth -not always easy to read/hear but what our hearts long for. 

From the Book Cover:
Jared Delaney rides into Cimarrón, New Mexico in 1878 looking for a job, a cold beer and a warm bed but instead finds himself in the crossfire of a vicious range war that forces him to choose sides. Orphaned by outlaws who shot down his parents in cold blood, Jared's childhood is shrouded in a mysterious fog leaving him with no memories and nightmares of a malevolent voice and the coldest blue eyes he's ever seen.

Jared doesn't want to get involved in the local troubles, yet everyone he meets tugs at him to join their faction. On one side, there's the tough old sheriff, the beautiful and outspoken schoolteacher, and a struggling rancher and his wife. On the other is a slick bartender, a "soiled dove" and the powerful patron who seems disturbingly familiar. By the light of the rustler's moon, Jared makes his stand and faces down his demons.

Rustler's Moon is followed by Colorado Moon and Waning Moon.

About the Author:
Jim Jones lives in Albuquerque, NM. His first novel, Rustler's Moon, was a New Mexico Book Awards finalist in two categories, Best Historical Fiction and Best First Book. He is also an award-winning singer/songwriter of Western music. He was the Academy of Western Artists' 2008 Male Western Vocalist of the Year and his song, "The Cowboys of New Mexico," received the New Mexico Music Award for 2009 Western Song of the Year. He is a proud member of the Western Writers of America and the Western Music Association.

In addition, Jones is an avid fly fisherman, a fair to middling snow skier and he has been known to whisper at horses (they rarely whisper back). He is working  on several literacy projects for young people and believes the love of reading is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children.

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