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If I Only Had A Minute

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If I Only Had A Minute
Linda Geleris
Released 2006

1. Time For Me To Go  3:23
2. I Can't Think  3:57
3.  Set In Stone  5:19
4.  If I Only Had A Minute  4:03
5.  Naked  4:24
6.  Sweet Eleven  3:31
7.  I Will Always Miss You  4:53
8.  My Version of You  4:18
9.  Close To My Limit  3:04
10.  You are Everywhere  4:25

SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series:
An Evening with Women on the Move Trio

Filmed Oct. 15, 2011

OutWest was pleased to host Trish Lester, Joan Enguita & Linda Geleris singing as “Women on the Move Trio” for a two-hour concert recently. this was their second live performance. Click the link and enjoy the concert!

As a trio they shared folk, pop and country songs of love, laughter and hope, showcasing their individual talents highlighted by vocal harmonies, acoustic guitar, dulcimer and a variety of percussion. This family-friendly entertainment centered around original music and lyrics written by each performer and included songs by the legendary Joni Mitchell.