CD John Bergstrom: Western State O'Mind


style number: 9260

Performer John Bergstrom
 OutWest Stage
 Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival 
 April 13 Saturday 11:00 & 2:25
 April 14 Sunday 1:05

Western State O'Mind

John Bergstrom
WSOM Music, Released 2007

1.   Tiburcio Vasquez
2.   1876 (A Poem)
3.   Western State O'Mind
4.   Streets of Laredo
5.   St. Francis Dam
6.   Springtime in Texas
7.   The Yellow Rose of Texas
8.   Old Paint
9.   Jesse James
10. The Red Rocks of Sedona
11.  Latchkey Cowboy
12.  Red River Valley
13.  Dogies' Lament
14.  Cowboy Waltz
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From Singer/Songwriter John Bergstrom:
I'm a child of the west...the far west...Los Angeles. I'm a city kid who has always loved the open spaces. I was raised on cowboy movies and western displays at museums wherever I could find them.

A few years ago, I attended a concert performed by Michael Fleming's group, New West. There began my journey with the WMA (Western Music Association). I was invited to a Sunday jam and I began to learn and write Western music.

I've been involved with music all my life and have touched western music at various times. It's been these last few years, however, in which I focused on this form of traditional music to the exclusion of others. During this time, I played with two or three groups and began to write and work on my own CD, "Western State O'Mind." I look forward to the days ahead and plan to continue writing and performing and spreading the good news of western music. "Western State O'Mind" is a combination of original and traditional songs.

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