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Throw Down The Box

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Throw Down The Box
John Bergstrom
WSOM Music, Released 2009

1.  Throw Down the Box
2.   High Desert Life
3.   Philosophical Cowboy
4.   Oregon Trail
5.   El Capitan
6.   Salomon Pico
7.   Frankie and Johnny
8.   Good Money, Bad Liquor
9.   It's Christmas Even Again
10. Cowboy Blue
11. Sidekicks

From Singer/Songwriter John Bergstrom:
Somewhere between Gene Autry and Burl Ives, this CD is full of the humor and pathos of the Old West. "Throw Down the Box" is my second project presenting original and traditional songs of adventure, tragedy and fun in the West.

The title song, "Throw Down the Box" tells the story of the Northern California outlaw Black Bart, also called the Gentleman Bandit. Another outlaw ballad is "Salomon Pico." Pico, a member of one of the prominent families in pre-Gold Rush California, legend has it became an outlaw as an act of revenge. You'll also find songs about the great Sidekicks of Western movies, life in the high desert, and a couple of traditional songs, "Frankie and Johnny," and "The Philosophical Cowboy," to round out the program.

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