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Ghosts and Legends

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Ghosts and Legends
John Bergstrom

WSOM Music, Released 2011

1  Ghosts and Legends       John Bergstrom   3:07
2  In the West                      John Bergstrom    4:15
3  Charlie Parkhurst            John Bergstrom     3:04
4  Ballad of Isom Dart      Bergstrom/Les Buffham  3:36
5  Tombstone                    John Bergstrom     3:24
6  The Vaquero Song         Dave Stamey         4:57
7  Always (In My Heart)   Bergstrom/Ralph Hampton  3:59
8  Clementine                    Traditional            3:12
9  The Stronghold             John Bergstrom    3:38
10 The Oregon Trail          John Bergstrom    3:27
11 The Shootist                John Bergstrom     4:28 
12  Oh Shenandoah         Traditional             4:15

From our Purveyor of Music:
John Bergstrom is a Western Balladeer, painting pictures of the landscape and it's people in lively and engaging word images. Close your eyes, tune in, and let his guitar and voice carry you to another time and place. Most of these song stories are original. Listen and meet famous stagecoach driver Charlie Parkhurst, African American cowboy Isom Dart, and The Shootist. John Bergstrom is a Westerner. Listen and you'll be a Westerner too.

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An Evening with John Bergstrom's Western State of Mind
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