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Butterfield Stage

John Bergstrom

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Butterfield Stage

John Bergstrom
WSOM Music, Released 2012
This is not just Western music - its great music.

1.  Butterfield Stage   2:35
2.  Friends Forever  2:53
3.  The Fox  2:47
4.  King of the Cowboys  3:00
5.  Salomon Pico  3:52
6.  The Bandit Joaquin  4:25
7.  Sara Jane's Lullaby  2:12
8.  On California Ground  4:02
9.  Snowshoe Thompson  2:31
10.  The Water is Wide  2:59
11.  James Dolan  3:16
12.  Throw Down The Box  4:09
13.  The Last Song  3:46
        excerpt: Hälsa Dem Där Hemma
Meet John Bergstrom
Filmed Performances:
SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series
An Evening with John Bergstrom's Western State of Mind
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