CD Cow Bop: Cowlifornia Swing


style number: 8719

Cowlifornia Swing
Cow Bop
Released 2012

SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series
An Evening with Cow Bop

Filmed February 25, 2016
Filmed March 2, 2013

Radio Interview with Cow Bop Founder: Bruce Forman
Campfire Cafe on Equestrian Legacy Radio
Recorded August 6, 2015

The great music of Cow Bop: Bruce Forman, Pinto Pammy, and the band! So'll be Cow Bopping along!

1. It's All Your Fault  4:22
2. Roly Poly  5:35
3. Wahoo    3:58
4. Mambo Italiano  5:14
5. Cattle Call  2:59
6. A Gal in Calcico 4:55
7.  I've Found a New Baby

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