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Sespe Lullaby

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Sespe Lullaby
Andria Kidd
AFIRM Records

Meet Andria Kidd

Live Radio Interviews
1.Campfire Cafe on Equestrian Legacy Radio
April 21, 2016, Click here for podcast
2.The Writer's Block Radio Show, LA Talk Radio
November 5, 2015, Click here for podcast

About the CD, Provided by AFIRM Records:
Musical Cowboy Poetry-Stories of horses, rodeos and ranches told in beautiful voice that brings the American West into our heart. For over thirty-five years, Andria Kidd has lived and trained horses in Ventura County, California. The American West, her real life experience and the outback of Ventura County are inspiration for her new album, "Sespe Lullaby".


1.  Once Upon a Daydream
2.  Angels Angels
3.  Saddle Up and Ride
4.  Sespe Lullaby
5.  Somebody Said
6.  Madame Lasagna
7.  All the Pretty Ponies
8.  Call You a Cab
9.  Horseman
10. Win! Win! Win!
11. The Pink Moment
12. My First Friend

About Andria Kidd:
Andria Kidd is a native Californian and a life-long horsewoman. She spent part of her childhood in Ubol, Thailand where her parents were medical missionaries. For over thirty-five years, Andria has lived and trained horses in Ventura County, California. The spirit of the American West, her real life experiences and the Sespe – the outback of Ventura County, is the inspiration for her new album of musical cowboy poetry , “Sespe Sky”. The album is produced by AFIRM Records and contains selections from her books, “Kaleidoscope – Poems for the Heart” and “Big Sky – Poems for the Spirit”. With musical accompaniment from notable recording artists and inspired production composition , “Sespe Sky” takes the listener on a journey down the Americana trail. 
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