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Bottle Stopper: Chief Stinky Foot

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Collectible Folk Art
Chief Stinky Foot is leader of the Neverwash Tribe. One extremely hot day the chief had a near fatal accident when he drank five gallons of iced tea and dang near drowned in his own tea pee.
  • Approximately 3.75" tall
  • Individually hand painted, may vary from photograph
  • Includes hangtag with character name and story
Each bottle stopper (called a "sculpture" and traditionally carved in wood) has a rubber mold made. After the mold has setup it's cut to release the original sculpture.  A 2 part polymer is poured into the rubber mold and the result is a casting of the original sculpture, a woodcarving reproduction.  Each casting is then individually hand painted, sealed to protect the paint work, drilled and installed on a dowel rod and drilled cork into the bottom of the piece, Made in the USA.