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Gracie Jane

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Gracie Jane
Author: Janet Squires
Publisher: Midstir Media, January 4, 2019
Softcover, 28 pp.

From The Publisher: 

GRACIE JANE has a heart as big as the Western sky, and she's always ready to lend a helping hand. So, she doesn't think twice about rescuing Fifi La Rue and taking the lost pup home. After all, how much trouble could one little dog be on a great big ranch? It's nonstop fun and excitement when one good deed goes hilariously wrong!

Signed by the Author

The Writer's Block Radio Show, LA Talk Radio
July 2, 2015 Click here for Podcast link 

Congratulations to author Janet Squires on the 14th Anniversary of her popular children's book The Gingerbread Cowboy!