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Bad Men: Outlaws & Gunfighters of the Wild West

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Bob Boze Bell
Tri Star Boze Publications, Inc.
1999 First Edition, Hardbound

"We are rough men used to rough ways."
        ---Bob Younger, American Outlaw

From the Publisher:
Once again Bob Boze Bell uses his no-nonsense, straight-ahead, visual style, to capture the complex world of the Wild West Bad Man, tracing his beginnings in the 1830s all the way through to the myth, the movies and into the present day.

Written in Bell's patented, chronological timeline style, you will see clearly the proper place of each Bad Man and how they overlap and fit into their respective time and place. To wit, Billy the Kid was just a young schoolboy when the James gang began their bankrobbing career, and likewise, Henry Starr was but a boy when the Kid met his end at Fort Sumner. The reign of California legend, Joaquin Murrieta, is a full 50 years - a full half century! away from the last robberies of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Profusely illustrarted with more than 200 photos, and over 100 paintings and illustrations by the author, Bad Men convincingly answers the questions: Were these men worthy of adulation?

This is the fourth in a series of revolutionary style history books, which are informative for young and old alike.

Hardcover. 128 pages with over 100 paintings and illustrations by Bob Boze Bell, and over 200 photographs, many never before published.