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American Landscapes

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Black Irish Band
Released: 2004
Subtitled "A musical journey through history. The people, places and musical styles of 200 years." Set to music, as only the BLACK IRISH BAND can do, are sixteen stories, true stories based on actual peoples' lives or events. Listen closely and you'll hear guitar, melodeon, trumpet, banjo, fiddle, French horn, saxopone, drums piano, pipe organ, and whistle. A feast for the ears! You'll be toe tapping and singing along before you know it!

1. New York Girls 3:56
A traditional American Sea Chantey from the 1850s. When the Polka was first introducred to America it was considered quite scandalous by many!

2. Teddy 4:18
Theodore Roosevelt was one of America's greatest visionaries.

3. "I Was Davey Crockett" When I Was 8 Years Old 3:05
A remembrance of a boyhood hero.

4. Kansas Farewell (The gathering storm clouds) 3:05
Inspired by the families that worked the Kansas Harvest.

5. Buster Keaton 4:15
A famous silent film actor that created some of the best films.

6. Oh Susannah 2:51
A favorite of the 1849 Gold Rush.

7. Alaska (The Northern Starlight) 3:28

8. Promontory 3:25
North of the Great Salt Lake, Promontory Summit became the site of the last spike of The Transcontinental Railroad.

9. Carl, Dennis, George, & John 3:13
The Wilson Brothers from Hawthorne, CA and two friends from Liverpool, England named Lennon & Harrison would change music history.

10. Dixieland 3:03
Traditional written by Dan Emmett. Composed by an Irish American in NY City in 1859. 

11. The Alabama 2:55
Traditional Sea Chantey.

12. Summertime 6:18

13. The Lady Be Good 5:09
In 1943 the U.S. B-24 Bomber "The Lady Be Good," took off on a mission to Naples. In 1959, the plane was found in the Libyan Desert. Years would pass with 8 of the 9 crewman's bodies discovered.

14. Smokey (Requiem for a Bear) 2:14
The most celebrated symbol of the US Forest Service.

15. Summer Weather (Huntington Beach CA 1976) 3:36
Inspired by CA Surf Sound of the 60s.

16. Once We Were Young 2:14

In memory of Ken Darby and Lloyd Jones Jr. Fellow Black Irish Band members and friends, now part of the American Landscape in Heaven.