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Cowlifornia Swing

Cow Bop

style number: 8719

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Cowlifornia Swing
Cow Bop
Released 2012
Available - 2 

SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series
An Evening with Cow Bop

Filmed February 25, 2016
Filmed March 2, 2013

Radio Interview with Cow Bop Founder: Bruce Forman
Campfire Cafe on Equestrian Legacy Radio
Recorded August 6, 2015

The great music of Cow Bop: Bruce Forman, Pinto Pammy, and the band! So'll be Cow Bopping along!

1. It's All Your Fault  4:22
2. Roly Poly  5:35
3. Wahoo    3:58
4. Mambo Italiano  5:14
5. Cattle Call  2:59
6. A Gal in Calcico 4:55
7.  I've Found a New Baby

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