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#20 Rendezvous With A Writer - Celebrate National Parks Week!

April 20, 2022

#20 Rendezvous With A Writer - Celebrate National Parks Week!

Welcome to this week's Rendezvous With A Writer OutWest featured book round-up. Find these books, and many more like them, on our separate book website OutWest Shop Book Shop, an affiliate of We've curated book lists representing the complicated, compelling, and engaging culture, history and diversity of the American West. This week's featured book selections were posted on the OutWest Shop Facebook during the week of April 17, 2022.
Focus on Books
THIS IS NATIONAL PARKS WEEK. Let’s celebrate! Do you recognize your favorite here?
       1. “A hole. A very, very large hole.”
       2. “Save yourself some money. Boil some water at home.”
       3. “Not much to look at.”
       4. “There are sharks here.”
       5. “Pretty average experience.”
Subpar Parks by Amber Share
The above comments were made online by unimpressed visitors to the parks and collected in SUBPAR PARKS from the popular Instagram account. Humor and love are at play here, against the backdrop of Amber Share’s bold illustrations and informative text.
Subpar Parks Postcards by Amber Share
This box of postcards will be published in August. Won’t they be fun to send? Place your order now.
Walks Of A Lifetime In America's Nationa Parks by Robert and Martha Manning
WALKS OF A LIFETIME IN AMERICA’S NATIONAL PARKS may inspire you to hit a trail or two. From short nature walks to backpacking adventures Robert and Martha Manning bring a lifetime of hiking experience to this richly photographed volume.
The Art Of The National Parks (Fifty-Nine Parks)  The Art Of The National Parks Coloring Book (Fifty-Nine Parks)
View the parks through the eyes of contemporary artists in THE ART OF THE NATIONAL PARKS (FIFTY-NINE PARKS). A coloring book based on their posters is due later this summer but can be ordered now.
Pop-Up & Build: National Parks
POP-UP & BUILD: NATIONAL PARKS should appeal to the entire family. A visual guide to the parks, the book includes press-out pieces so readers can create 3-D models of five popular parks.
National Park Puzzle
Our NOW FEATURING list also includes a National Parks of America 1000 Piece Puzzle and a set of board books for the youngest park visitors.

What is your favorite park? Let us know! Mine is #4 above - Cape Cod National Seashore. We vacationed there as a family even before the park was established. Salt air, laughing gulls, and the sweep of sand, surf and sky . . .

Did you guess the others? #1 - Grand Canyon. #2 - Yellowstone. #3 - Mesa Verde. #5 - Haleakala
Disclosure: OutWest Shop is an affiliate of and earns a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

          Rendezvous With A Writer

Who are we to be your guides? We are two sisters who grew up in a family that valued reading and encouraged an interest in history and the arts. Wendy spent her career with books. She worked as a children's librarian and as the buyer and manager of the children's department of an independent bookstore. A college major in literature introduced her to the classics of the American West.

Bobbi Jean and her husband, Jim, own OutWest Shop. She was the manager and buyer for a museum store before they started their own business. Bobbi Jean co-hosts The Writer's Block on LA Talk Radio, where she interviews authors of all types. The three other radio shows she hosts involve Western music and horses. Find podcasts of all her shows at OutWest Live!

We love sharing our book knowledge. You are not limited to the titles you find on our lists, though. Use the search box to rustle up any books that you want, and put them in your OutWest Book Shop cart!
                                    Happy Reading!
             Remember, It's Always A Great Day OutWest! 

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