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#2 Spotlight on Fashion

March 09, 2021

#2 Spotlight on Fashion

WHAT'S IN YOUR CLOSET? Welcome to this week's Spotlight on Fashion featuring apparel and accessories we think you'll enjoy. These selections are posted on our OutWest Shop Facebook daily March 9 - March 13, 2021. Spring is in the air! Discover Floral Embroidered Tops and more! 
Spotlight on Fashion
recognizes the makers, the jewelers and the special pieces that take our breath away. Each year, the day reminds us to wear those pieces and to appreciate the artisans who make them shine! What's in your jewelry box or jewel roll? Gifts forever linked with a special memory? Cherished pieces with family history - from your Mom, Grandma, or favorite Auntie?
Alchemy England 1977 Kraken Necklace
Style #1977818 - Kraken Necklace with Volcano Effect Swarovski Crystal 

You strain to escape the feel of the monstrous, slippery tentacles writhing to take a stranglehold on your neck, in much the same way that countless others failed to do in mysterious and tragic tales from the sea. A large, antiqued and polished pewter casting of a giant squid, set with a large, Volcano effect, pear-shaped Swarovski crystal at its center. On split trace chain 17" in overall length plus a 1 ½" extender chain.

Next time you find yourself in front of the camera - Facebook Live, Zoom, Face Time, TikTok...why not wear one of those special pieces OR a new one?

Alchemy England 1977 Steampunk Blast Furnance Dragon Pendant on Chain
Style #1977737 Steampunk Blast Furnace Dragon with Swarovski Crystal
Inspired by Victorian Style. A Victorian mad man's dream, or a futuristic creation of great ambition and genius? A monstrous, though benevolent, steam-powered mechanical dragon of frightening proportions, represents the might of industrial progress. Materials: Tri-Toned Fine English Pewter, genuine Swarovski crystal.

How to celebrate this day? Take a moment with your jewelry box and revisit your memories. Sign up for a jewelry class. Add something new to your jewelry wardrobe...we suggest these pieces by Alchemy England 1977. Click each image for details.

Alchemy England 1977 Gothic Regiis Martyris Necklace
Style #1977863 Regiis Martyis Gothic Necklace with Swarvoski Crystals
Regiis Martyris - The Nine Days Queen. The necklace of Lady Jane Grey. Intended as a 'coronation' gift from her principle supporter the Duke of Northumberland. However, usurped by Bloody Mary, the 17 year old Jane was incarcerated in The Tower.  Materials: Fine English Pewter, Magenta Swarvoski crystal, Smoke/Clear Swarvoski.

Alchemy England 1977 Kraken Earrings Alchemy England 1977 Regiis Martyris Earrings
Style #1977409 Kraken Earrings   Style #1977420 Regiis Martyris Earrings
                Want to see more? Browse our Alchemy Collection  

MARCH 9...EVERYTHING'S COMING UP FLORAL! Spring's in the air...can you feel it? Are you planning your garden? Gathering seeds, planters and pots? Why not plant some florals in your wardrobe? Freshen up and lighten up with these pretty, floral embroidered, breezy tops from Scully Honey Creek Collection. 

“The first blooms of spring always make my heart sing.” ---S. Brown
Scully Honey Creek Floral Embroidered Stripe Top   Scully Honey Creek Floral Embroidered Stripe Top Back    
This artful on trend pullover blouse features vibrant color tones of floral embroidery with a v-neck tie front. Long sleeves are embroidered in ivory with colorful florals and leafy design. The hemline is jazzed up with a floral embroidered band. Small-XLarge. OutWest Style #719697. Import.
Scully Honey Creek Floral Embroidered Tunic
Stunning embroidery brings art, texture and color to this wonderfully soft and swingy blouse. Wedgewood Blue full front button closure tunic with point collar and bell sleeves starting at the elbow with an embroidered band. Small-2XLarge. OutWest Style #719631. Import.
Women's Honey Creek Pullover Embroidered Tunic White Front Women's Honey Creek Pullover Embroidered Tunic White Back
Light as a cloud, flirty summer blouse features an embroidered bodice with v-neck tie front. The long sleeves sport embroidered detailing from the elbow to the narrow band cuff. Small-2XLarge. OutWest Style #719696. Import. 
Women's Honey Creek Folklore Inspired Embroidered Pullover Women's Honey Creek Folklore Inspired Embroidered Pullover Back
Dreams of folklore tales inspire this delicate floral embroidery pullover. Stunning embroidery brings art, texture and color to this wonderfully soft and swingy blouse.  Pullover style has a wide v-neck and long bell sleeves with embroidered cuffs. Small-2XLarge. OutWest Style #719699. Import.
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