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#14 Rendezvous With A Writer

June 14, 2021

#14 Rendezvous With A Writer

Welcome to this week's Rendezvous With A Writer OutWest featured book round-up. Find these books, and many more like them, on our separate book website 
We've curated book lists representing the complicated, compelling, and engaging culture, history and diversity of the American West. This week's featured book selections were posted on our 
OutWest Shop Facebook posts June 13 - June 19. Featured titles include books about New Mexico just in time for National New Mexico Day, National Nature Photography Day, and Writer's Block featured author Victor Hess, Juneteenth and.... MORE!
Spotlight on Books

JUNE 19...EACH YEAR JUNETEENTH (June 19th) COMMEMORATES THE END OF SLAVERY in the United States. The celebration takes place each year on June 19th, recognizing an event that took place in Texas in event that began on January 1, 1863 when the Emancipation Proclamation was signed by President Abraham Lincoln and Secretary of State William H. Seward...word traveled slowly.
    Proclamation of Emancipation 1867 Lithograph on Paper Autry Museum Collection Object ID 2003.1.1
NOW, THEREFORE, I, JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR., President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 19, 2021, as Juneteenth Day of Observance. I call upon the people of the United States to acknowledge and celebrate the end of the Civil War and the emancipation of Black Americans, and commit together to eradicate systemic racism that still undermines our founding ideals and collective prosperity. .... I am proud to have consecrated Juneteenth as our newest national holiday.
                             Proclamation of Emancipation 1867 Reproduction Autry Museum Collection
PROCLAMATION OF EMANCIPATION -1867- Print by William Henry Pratt of the Proclamation of Emancipation, lithography by August Hageboeck, Davenport, Iowa, 1867. The text of the Proclamation is written to create an image of Abraham Lincoln. From the Autry Museum Collection. This image is a reproduction of the lithograph, quite a remarkable piece. Click here for details from the Autry Online Collections  

             Juneteenth: The Story Behind The Celebration
JUNETEENTH: THE STORY BEHIND THE CELEBRATION by Edward T. Cotham. Published May 25, 2021. Juneteenth has been touted as a national day celebrating the end of slavery. Observances from coast to coast have turned this event into part of the national conversation about race, slavery, and how Americans understand, acknowledge, and explain what has been called the national "original sin."

This is the first scholarly book to delve into the history behind Juneteenth. Using decades of research in archives around the nation, this book helps separate myth from reality and tells the story behind the celebration in a way that provides new understanding and appreciation for the event. 
               Island of Color: Where Juneteenth Started
ISLAND OF COLOR: WHERE JUNETEENTH STARTED by Izola Ethel Fedford Collins. On this island called Galveston, Texas, African-Americans have a unique position in the history of the world. Natives of this city, and incoming residents, who were people of color, were the pioneers of much of the civilization that occurred in this part of the world. "Juneteenth" has become a term used by persons all over the nation who recognize the validity of the term now synonymous with freedom of the former black-skinned slaves. This term comes from the fact that, in Galveston, Texas, General Granger arrived by ship with orders that were read to the public at Ashton Villa on June 19, 1865 
              On Juneteenth
ON JUNETEENTH by Annette Gordon-Reed, published May 4, 2021.  Weaving together American history, dramatic family chronicle, and searing episodes of memoir, Annette Gordon-Reed's On Juneteenth provides a historian's view of the country's long road to Juneteenth, recounting both its origins in Texas and the enormous hardships that African-Americans have endured in the century since, from Reconstruction through Jim Crow and beyond. All too aware of the stories of cowboys, ranchers, and oilmen that have long dominated the lore of the Lone Star State, Gordon-Reed--herself a Texas native and the descendant of enslaved people brought to Texas as early as the 1820s--forges a new and profoundly truthful narrative of her home state, with implications for us all.  

Combining personal anecdotes with poignant facts gleaned from the annals of American history, Gordon-Reed shows how, from the earliest presence of Black people in Texas to the day in Galveston on June 19, 1865, when Major General Gordon Granger announced the end of legalized slavery in the state, African-Americans played an integral role in the Texas story. 

In its concision, eloquence, and clear presentation of history, On Juneteenth vitally revises conventional renderings of Texas and national history. As our nation verges on recognizing June 19 as a national holiday, On Juneteenth is both an essential account and a stark reminder that the fight for equality is exigent and ongoing. 

Juneteenth is a day of profound weight and power.
----JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR., President of the United States of America

...ARE YOU READY TO HEAD OUT to a garage sale, estate sale, flea market, or swap meet? We’ve been inside for so long! It’s time to freshen up our homes; rearrange the furniture, paint a wall, or rediscover treasures in the cupboard and highlight them again.
                                                     Modern Americana by Max Humphrey
Find guidance and inspiration in MODERN AMERICANA. The chapters in designer Max Humphrey’s new book are arranged by design element and cleverly titled: “Brick and Mortar” (tile), “Into the Woods (shiplap, beadboard, etc.), “Sitting, Snoozing, Standing Around” (furniture), and many more.

His rooms combine vintage with modern; some incorporate Western features such as bandannas and Pendleton blankets. The rooms look so comfortable and lived in that I could imagine myself at home on many pages - hopping into a window seat, curling up on a sofa, or investigating a collection.

I believe style is about knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn. - Max Humphrey
---Post by Book Guide WENDY

              Victor Hess
Join hosts Jim Christina, Russ Avison, Richard Paolinelli and OutWest's Bobbi Jean Bell for a conversation with author VICTOR HOLMES. We chat about his writing process and his book THE CLOCK TOWER TREASURE. 
                        The Clock Tower Treasure

The 1950’s was a time of new homes, television, astronauts, new cars, and rock and roll. It was also a time of nuclear threats and deadly polio. Out of this challenging decade comes the enchanting story of a ten-year-old boy from the Midwest showing a small town the meaning of toughness and tenacity.

The Shawnee Indian treasure was a myth, they said. Nowhere to be found, except in the legends and tall tales of the region. Despite his polio, despite his poverty, despite his fractured family, Jesse Hall believes the stories and discovers irresistible clues in the courthouse clock tower.

With each twist and turn, Jesse learns to overcome all that life can throw at him. He leads his Boy Scout pal, his nineteen-year-old nurse, and the local county historian in a quest for the mythical treasure – a hunt that yields a most unexpected discovery.

The Writer's Block Radio Show airs on LA Talk Radio. Airs live every Thursday on LA Talk Radio: 6pm (PST), 7pm (MT), 8pm (CST), 9pm (EST). 
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Ginger Gaffney Half Broke by Ginger Gaffney Ginger Gaffney
An alternative prison ranch in New Mexico conducts a daring experiment: setting the troubled residents out to retrain an aggressive herd of horses. The horses and prisoners both arrive at the ranch broken in one way or many— the horses often abandoned and suspicious, the residents, some battling drug and alcohol addiction, emotionally, physically, and financially shattered. GINGER GAFFNEY’s job is to retrain the untrainable. With time, the horses and residents form a profound bond, and teach each other patience, control, and trust. 
Airs live every Thursday on Equestrian Legacy Radio 10:00am (PST), 11:00am (MT), 12:00pm (CST), 1:00pm (EST).

Three ways to listen:
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Lake Tahoe - In The Lens Photography 
Lake Tahoe - Courtesy of In The Lens Photography

JUNE 15...GRAB YOUR CAMERA, POINT, FOCUS, CLICK...IT'S NATIONAL NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY DAY! The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) along with millions of photographers and photography lovers across the nation observe Nature Photography Day on June 15th. Nature lovers and photographers alike celebrate this day with enthusiasm. Step outside today with a refreshed sense of awe. Find the wonder in the mundane. Take a walk nearby or go to a nearby garden sanctuary, arboretum, or nature perserve. 
Hidden Prairie
HIDDEN PRAIRIE: PHOTOGRAPHING LIFE IN ONE SQUARE METER Chris Helzer illustrates the beauty and diversity of prairie through an impressive series of photographs, all taken within the same square meter of prairie. During his year-long project, he photographed 113 plant and animal species within a tiny plot, and captured numerous other images that document the splendor of diverse grasslands. This book is packed with gorgeous full-page close-up photos of prairie plants and animals, interspersed with a dozen short essays. 
               Bison: Portrait of an Icon
The first book of its kind, Bison: Portrait of an Icon tells the story of this distinctly American species--its history, majesty, cultural significance, and comeback story--through the stunning, dramatic photography of Audrey Hall. 

                    America's National Parks
AMERICA'S NATIONAL PARKS: AN AMERICAN LEGACY is the story of the parks through the photography of Ian Shive, today's leading photographer of our national parks and their surrounding significant landscapes, as well as through poignant essays by conservancy groups from across the country. With more than 200 glorious images of the nation's parks, this book celebrates everything from the snowy vistas of Denali in Alaska to the lava flows in Hawaii's Volcano National Park--as well as Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon and hundreds more, from sea to shining sea. 

                  West: The American Cowboy 
WEST: THE AMERICAN COWBOY by Exceptional fine art photography - several years in the making - of the American cowboy/cowgirl and rodeo communities, the horse and cattle ranches, and the remarkable landscape of America's Wild West, by celebrated and award-winning photographer, Anouk Masson Krantz. Photography of a society that honors historical traditions and practices a set of values that includes honesty, integrity, loyalty, work ethic, and dedication to family. West: The American Cowboy is another artful, intimate study of the American character and their sense of place, and is a unique collection of works brought together by this award-winning photographer and storyteller.

What are you waiting for - go take pictures!
---Post by Book Guide BOBBI JEAN

                          New Mexico Flag
JUNE 14...THE LAND OF ENCHANTMENT - NEW MEXICO - IS ALSO A LAND OF MYSTERY! In honor of NATIONAL NEW MEXICO DAY I've selected four titles by terrific and engaging authors set in New Mexico, one is non-fiction and the other three are first rate mysteries.
                 Unsolved by Don Bullis

UNSOLVED: NEW MEXICO'S AMERICAN VALLEY RANCH MURDERS & OTHER MYSTERIES by Don Bulllis. There are few subjects that fascinate people as much as New Mexico and a good mystery. New Mexico has always been an enigmatic place, filled with rich history. This book explores and examines forty-four of New Mexico's most baffling mysteries, which lure the curious and beg for investigation even though their solutions have eluded experts, many for decades.

            Stargazer by Anne Hillerman
by Anne Hillerman. Murder, deception, Navajo tradition, and the stars collide in this enthralling entry in New York Times bestselling author Anne Hillerman's Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito series, set amid the beautiful landscape of the American Southwest.
                          Blind Descent by Nevada Barr
BLIND DESCENT by Nevada Barr. Park ranger Anna Pigeon receives an urgent call. A young woman has been injured while exploring a cave in New Mexico's Carlsbad Cavern Park. Before she can be pulled to safety, she sends for her friend Anna. Only one problem: a crushing fear of confined spaces has kept Anna out in the open her whole life.
                       Death Waits In The Dark by Michael Edward Langley
by Mark Edward Langley. "Death Waits in the Dark tells a gritty story of betrayal, deceit, and danger through the eyes of Navajo protagonist Arthur Nakai. The tightly written noir plot moves from scene to scene like a thriller, building suspense in every page."
-- "Anne Hillerman, New York Times bestselling author"
                  A Black Place And A White  Place by Patrice Greenwood
Finally done with the hectic holidays, Ellen Rosings gets a chance to relax. After catching up on researching the Wisteria Tearoom's resident ghost, Captain Dusenberry, she and sweetheart Tony Aragón plan a long weekend at Ghost Ranch, where artist Georgia O'Keeffe lived and painted the colorful northern New Mexico landscapes.Hiking, horseback riding, and a tour of O'Keeffe's studio are on the agenda, but finding a body is not..... 
My suggestion is- having read these books - keep the light on!
---Post by Book Guide BOBBI JEAN

----Post by Book Guide WENDY

Disclosure: OutWest Shop is an affiliate of and earns a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

          Rendezvous With A Writer

Who are we to be your guides? We are two sisters who grew up in a family that valued reading and encouraged an interest in history and the arts. Wendy spent her career with books. She worked as a children's librarian and as the buyer and manager of the children's department of an independent bookstore. A college major in literature introduced her to the classics of the American West.

Bobbi Jean and her husband, Jim, own OutWest Shop. She was the manager and buyer for a museum store before they started their own business. Bobbi Jean co-hosts The Writer's Block on LA Talk Radio, where she interviews authors of all types. The three other radio shows she hosts involve Western music and horses. Find podcasts of all her shows at OutWest Live!

We love sharing our book knowledge. You are not limited to the titles you find on our lists, though. Use the search box to rustle up any books that you want, and put them in your OutWest Book Shop cart!
                                    Happy Reading!
             Remember, it's always a Great Day OutWest!  

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