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Writes and Co-Writes Volume III

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Writes and Co-Writes Volume III
Les Buffham and Friends
Released 2012

About this CD: A note from Les Buffham:
To: Locke Hamilton - Tanya Rose- Ken Graydon
"I wish to dedicate this project to three of my very dear friends of the western music family who passed on during the last year, leaving us with many fond memories. These wonderfully talented artists will be sorely missed everytime the curtain goes up."

CD notes include the stories behind the songs and the songwriter collaborations.
1. West of  Santa Rosa (Devon Dawson)
2. Train Back to Texas (Walt Richards)
3. Simple Sound of Rain (Sally Harper Bates)
4. Simple Little Questions (Jean Prescott)
5. Irish Cowboy's Lament (Hank Cramer)
6. Three Days and Forty Fires (Richard Elloyan, Juni Fisher)
7. Wanda Walker (Patty Clayton)
8. Jornada Del Muerto (Jon Messenger)
9. Fiddler's Legacy (Les and Locke Hamilton)
10. Trail of Dreams (Marvin O'Dell)
11. No Wilder Place (Mary Kaye)
12. Man in the Moon (Chuck Cusimano)
13. We Rode Away (Dave Stamey)

SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series
An Evening of Cowboy Poetry and Music OutWest
Celebrate the Life and Works of Les Buffham

Filmed Friday, April 19, 2013

Click here for filmed concert

Photo #1 - Les with Bobbi Jean and performer Buffalo Bryan

Photo #2 is of Les with Featured Performers of his Tribute Concert L-R: GT Hurley, Ken Wilcox, Kristyn Harris, Les Buffham, Marvin O'Dell, Tom Hiatt, George Dickey