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What A Man's Got To Do

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What A Man's Got To Do
Brenn Hill

About the Album
Like Brenn Hill's previous albums, "What A Man's Got To Do" contains songs that speak boldly of life in the modern mountain west, songs punctuated by crisp cinematic imagery and underscored by confident melodies. But while the central themes present in Hill's other CDs are once again apparent in his new material, "What A Man's Got To Do" reveals a new maturity in Brenn's songwriting as he offers his deepest exploration yet of the core values of the American Cowboy.


1. Meet Me In McCall
2. Caffeine
3. The Onyx Mine
4. The Ballad of Buffalo Brogan
5. Sweetwater Beach
6. What a Man's Got To Do
7. Oakbrush
8. She Loves Me Anyway
9. The Ballad of Pogue and Elms
10. Casa Blanca
11. Debt
12. Jeremiah's Last Ride
13. The Gaping Jaws of Hell
14. Into The Wind
15. Simple Things