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Thereby Hangs A Tale!

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Thereby Hangs A Tale!
The Tunesmith
Gene Culkin
Released 2011

Dear Listeners and Western Song Writers,
I hope you enjoy my stories and legends of the American West.

To the Western Song Writers,
I hope you continue to write fresh new material about the American West but be sure to "dust off" some of the classics and maybe give them a fresh treatment. This music needs to be preserved. It's our history - It's our heritage.

Now it's time to sit back and relax. We're headin' to 'Sage Brush Country.'
            ---Tunesmith Gene Culkin

1.  Movin' West
2.  Come Dance the Fandango
3.  River of No Return
4.  Winds of the West
5.  Old California Morning
6.  Steward of the Land
7.  Sacagawea
8.  Vaquero
9.  Wagon Wheels
10.  El Dorado
11.  California's Gold
12.  Apache Rose
13.  Western Lullaby