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The Hunter Tales of Arizona

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The Hunter Tales of Arizona: A Compilation of Three Novels
The Hunter
Requiem For An Appaloosa
The Rights of Men
Jim Christina
CreateSpace, 2010
Softcover, 496 pgs.
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Gathered in one book are the first three tales from the pen of author Jim Christina. His main characters, Hunter and Jolly Goodman, are men of the 1880's. Here's how the author describes them in his debut novel:

In writing The Hunter, I tried to not only show some of the hardships that were endured but the real everyday lives of people in the 1880's. As now, people weren't throwaways. They had purpose in their lives and a sense of right and wrong, they had a sense of purpose and perhaps destiny. Even at fifty eight and seventy three the Hunter and Jolly were men with a zest for life and an ability to accomplish what few men were.

These men came alive for me. They became flesh and blood, bone and gristle. They bled when injured, drank too much and cussed like sailors but they are bound by an oath taken years before and never broken by either one.

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.      
       --author Jim Christina

Meet Author and Radio Host Jim Christina:
Author Jim Christina, Founder and Host of:
The Writer's Block Radio Show, LA Talk Radio
Thursday, July 9, 2015, Click here for podcast
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