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The Cowboy Sings

Syd Masters

style number: 9190

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The Cowboy Sings
Syd Masters
Released 2009
Available - 1

From our Purveyor of Music:
I had the good fortune of meeting Syd Masters several years ago after a performance at the Autry Museum of Western Heritage (now the Museum of the American West). What fun this concert was! Syd Masters and The Swing Riders set the Western mood in swingin' style. He's fun, exuberant, dynamic and memorable. We're delighted to offer his most recent CD release featuring classic Western songs including 'Buffalo Gals,' 'Don't Fence Me In,' and 'Works All Done This Fall.' Equally entertaining are 'Frying Bacon in the Nude' and 'My Buckets Got A Hole In It.'

  1. Don't Fence Me In
  2. Santa Fe Waltz
  3. Take Her Dancin'
  4. Gypsy Davey
  5. Frying Bacon In The Nude
  6. El Paso
  7. Under New Mexico Skies
  8. Coyotes
  9. Ridin'
  10. Buffalo Gals
  11. My Buckets Got A Hole In It
  12. I Ride An Old Paint
  13. Works All Done This Fall
  14. Let The Train Whistle Blow
  15. One Step Away

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