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Eli Barsi

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Eli Barsi
Released: 2003
Label: Vibrillium Records

Available - 1
Please note - jewel case is shrink wrapped but has a crack on the front

1.  A Little Fun 3:20
2. Take Love Anywhere 2:50
3. Listen 2:45
4. You're Already Gone 3:50
5. Fountain of Truth 3:20
6. A Little Lost Lately 4:40
7. Don't Let Up 3:10
8. Over My Head 2:27
9. Rescued Me 3:25
10. When You Tell Me 3:18
11. Me Too 3:40
12. Eli's Song 5:21

Live Performances and Podcast Interviews
SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series
An Evening With Crossing Borders
Canadian Cowgirl Eli Barsi and Colorado Cowboy Barry Ward

Filmed January 2, 2014
Click here for Concert Link

Campfire Cafe: Equestrian Legacy Radio
October 8, 2015
Click here for podcast

Around The Barn, November 2, 2013, KHTS 1220 AM
Click here for Podcast

If you are unable to access the podcast directly, open your favorite media player like iTunes, choose File - Open URL Stream - and paste in this MP3 File:

June 4, 2011 Around The Barn, KHTS 1220 AM 
Guests: Eli Barsi and Sourdough Slim

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