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Let 'Er Go Let 'Er Buck Let 'Er Fly: A Round-up to Remember

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Celebrating 100 Years of the Pendleton Round-up
Juni Fisher
Red Geetar Records Released: 2010

From our Purveyor of Music:
Here's your chance to to enjoy Juni Fisher's WMA 2011 Nominated Traditional Western CD by an Individual composed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the famous Pendleton Round-up. Juni is known for her ballads steeped in history, lyrical storytelling, and for melodic tunes. If you love Western music you'll be a Juni Fisher fan! The title track says it all, Let'er Go, "Let'er Buck", Let'er Fly. "Let'er Buck" is Pendleton's tag line and Juni weaves it brillantly in this song. In the early days of rodeo, cowgirls competed in the same sports as cowboys including bronc ridin'. I like that she has placed a cowgirl atop the bucking bronc in this, the title song.


1.  Intro: Let'er Go, "Let'er Buck," Let'er Fly 1:01
2.  Let'er Go, Let'er Buck, Let'er Fly  3:13
3.  Jackson Sundown  4:46
4.  Cowgirlfriends  3:34
5.  Intro: Bonnie McCarroll  2:49
6.  Bonnie McCarroll 4:43
7.  A Horse Like You  3:00
8.  Intro: Prairie Rose  2:39
9.  When I Was Prairie Rose  5:59
10.  Intro: Yakima  4:32
11.  Yakima  4:20  Winner - WMA Original Song 2011
12.  Intro: Pony Called Love  :52
13.  Pony Called Love  4:49
14.  The Ambler Saddle 4:28
15.  Snubin' Horse (Not For Me) 5:12
16.  Round-up to Remember  3:00

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