Folk Art Navajo Hand Carved Small Standing Chickens

Edith Herbert John

style number: 9853-F

Orange, White, Yellow, Pink, Dark Pink Small Standing Chickens have flown the coop! To Special Order call or text Customer Service 1.818.384.4315 or email

Every Brood Needs A Few More Brightly Colored Chickens! Start Your Own Collection, Mix and Match Colors, Sizes, Poses.
  • Small Standing Chickens - choose White, PInk, Yellow, Orange, Dark Pink, Blue
  • Hand carved by Navajo Folk Artists Edith Herbert John and Guy John, signed Edith John on the bottom of the base
  • Each is unique and individual: size and height may vary
  • Measures approximately 6" from the bottom of the base to the base of the tail +tail
  • For more on Guy and Edith Herbert John and to shop the Collection
  • Looking for a different color or prefer a Nesting or Pecking Chicken? We may able to get it for you -  call or text Customer Service 1.818.384.4315 

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