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Father to Father

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Father To Father
Jim "Curly" Musgrave

About the Album
The collection of inspirational songs from previous albums expresses Curly's love for our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. While the mood and music is Cowboy, there is a unique thread, which weaves through out all of Curly's work, then invites the listener to be part of the tapestry that is the wonder and power of relationships. It reflects his own relationship to family, friends, the land and life around him, while reminding us of our own connections to each other, and most of all our connection to the Deity that has gifted us with everything.  ---Kathi Musgrave


1. One Last Trail      6:09
2. A Cowboy Farewell   4:15
3. Master's Hand   2:56
4.  Thanks, The Old Cowboy's Prayer  4:19
5. Prairie Silent Night  5:13
6. Satan Stallion  4:01
7. Make My Heaven Colorado  6:45
8. Peace Maker (spoken intro)  4:05
9. I Was There  5:03
10. Father to Father  3:42
11. God Be With You Till We Meet Again  4:12