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West to Bravo: A Western Novel
Author Eric H. Heisner
Artist Al P. Bringas
Release Date: November 11, 2014
Skyhorse Publishing
Hardcover, 176 pp.

Meet Author Eric H. Heisner and Artist Al P. Bringas
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June 22, 2017
July 28, 2016
June 11, 2015

From the Publisher:
One man finds himself torn between two cultures in this sweeping tale of frontier life in post–Civil War era Texas.
In the years following the American War Between the States, the once vacated military presence in west Texas is on the rise to protect the waves of settlers moving into the region. Living peaceably with the Mescalero Apache, half-breed former military scout Holton Lang promotes the tentative harmony between the US cavalry and the Native American population.

But when the delicate peace between the two nations is broken, Holton is asked to negotiate a new agreement with the US military at Fort Davis. Angered by Holton and his respected position in the Apache camp, brave Stalking Wolf joins other hostile warriors in bloody warfare against the white settlers and blue-coated military. Leaving behind his Apache wife and the domestic life he was building, Holton journeys back to his former home in white civilization for talks of peace. When the battle becomes personal, Holton is finally forced to confront the chasm that separates the two worlds into which he was born.

Written in the style of the traditional John Ford/John Wayne cavalry pictures, West to Bravo evokes an era of classic Western fiction and paints an exciting and touching tale of one man stuck in the middle of a terrible conflict.
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