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T.H. Elkman: A Western Novel

Author Eric H. Heisner
Illustrations by Al P. Bringas
Hardcover, 260 pp.
Published September 6, 2016

Meet Author Eric H. Heisner and Artist Al P. Bringas
The Writer's Block Radio Show Podcasts:
July 28, 2016
June 11, 2015

From the Publisher:
1800’s American West—a place where men find themselves in harsh and cruel circumstances and where lives are short lived. Where women are hard as the steel of a gun, and the sweet burn of whiskey eases the rough, ratted edges. Where death is a pill that must be swallowed, and senses are developed beyond true human comprehension . . .
Honest work on the frontier was sometimes hard to acquire. Traveling independently on the expansive road through the west, cowboy and westerner Tomas H. Elkman is a man of the times. To ease the loneliness of the trail while searching for gainful employment, Elkman warily teams up with a fight-prone, good-timing gambler by the name of Jefferson McGredy. 

This strange pairing of men is hired to deliver an assemblage of horses to a ranch in the untamed northern territory. The rancher sends his young son, Kent Martin, to accompany the horsemen on their travels through mountains and rivers, across primitive landscapes, and into remnants of mining boomtowns. The journey becomes a constant challenge to their moral fiber as they face the overwhelming hardships of hostile weather, rustlers, and natives . . .

T. H. Elkman is a story of frontier grit, moral simplicity, individuality and consequential violence in the American West.
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