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They Rode Good Horses

D. B. Jackson
2010 Goldminds Publishing, LLC, 270 pp.

About the Book
This debut novel of D.B. Jackson won two major literary awards:
Will Rogers Medallion Award
Laramie Award

From the Author:
Brady McCall, 10 years of age, and Franklin T. Stilwell, 15, begin a friendship, tested by the loss of their families and the trials of growing up on the unsettled frontier of America.  They Rode Good Horses takes you on the sometimes rough and painful journey of the coming-of-age of America and the two boys who grew up with her. Poignant and, in the end, uplifting, it's an epic story with characters you will feel like you know personally.

From the Publisher:
They Rode Good Horses is centered around the unique lives of two young boys whose lives are picked clean of everything they know and love. Set on the stage of America’s westward expansion, the boys are left alone to travel the road from childhood to manhood with nothing but their friendship and their determination to survive. By the time they are old men, with the recklessness of youth still in their nature, they embark on one last mission, one grand adventure, where for at least that fleeting moment they are able to recapture that point in time when we are all at our best.
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