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Contraband Cowboys

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CreateSpace, June 2011
Jim Christina

From the Publisher:
Following the American Civil War, the freed slaves began the migration to the north and the west. Many freedmen became respected and valued cowboys on some of the largest ranches in the west.

This is the story of two brothers, Bountiful Jim Lent and Lewis Bishop. Both hard working hands but with an awful story to tell. Lewis' direct family including his sister, her husband, their baby and his father are killed in a raid by the hooded citizens known as the Nightriders, a holdout of the old slave hunters and killers during the slavery period. The raid ignites what would become to be known as the Williamson Valley War and would drag in some of the territory's toughest fighters and gunmen in a last ditch effort too reclaim what rightly belongs to the two brothers and their neighbors.

Meet Author and Radio Host Jim Christina:
Author Jim Christina, Founder and Host of:
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