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Cowboy Princess

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Cowboy Princess:
Life With My Parents Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
Signed by Cheryl Rogers-Barnett
Author: Cheryl Rogers-Barnett & Frank Thompson
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing, 2003
Hardcover, 224 pp.

Meet Cheryl Rogers-Barnett
Campfire Cafe Radio Show, July 6, 2017 Podcast

From the Book Jacket:
He was the King of the Cowboys. She was the Queen of the West. They were the idols of boys and girls everywhere who thrilled to their exploits in the movies or on TV and grew up humming their theme song, "Happy Trails."

They were the author's idols as well. But they were also her parents.

Cheryl Rogers-Barnett practically grew up on the Republic Studios lot where her parents made their great movies. 

Cowboy Princess: Life with My Parents, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans tells the story of Cheryl's beloved parents from a point of view that is uniquely hers. It's filled with hilarious and touching stories of their relationship with each other and with their children and includes countless behind-the-scenes stories of Roy and Dale's movies, television appearances, and music. Leavening the warm and illuminating stories and memories are dozens of rare photographs-family snapshots, studio portraits, behind-the-scenes stills-most of which have never been published in a book and many of which have never been published anywhere.

For fans of the King of the Cowboys and the Queen of the West-and for anyone interested in the great performers of yesteryear-this book provides an up close and personal introduction to Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, their family, and the many colorful characters who rode beside them on those happy, happy trails.

About the Authors:
Cheryl Rogers-Barnett is the eldest daughter of Roy Rogers and  Dale Evans. Together with her husband, Larry, she is the publisher of The Double R Bar Ranch News, the official newsletter of the Roy Rogers Riders Club. She resides in Utah.

Frank Thompson is coauthor of  I Was That Masked Man with Clayton Moore, the author AMC's Great Christmas Movies, and the author of more than a dozen other books on film and general history. He also writes for television. Thompson lives in North Hollywood, California.