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End of Line
Jim Christina
February 15, 2017 Black Dog Publishing
Softcover. 256 pg.

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From the Author:
Ex-Texas Ranger and Teamster, Caleb Stringfeld, has made a life of marshaling the small rowdy towns throughout Texas and New Mexico. His travels now have taken him to a small dying mining berg in the border mountains of Texas and New Mexico called End of Line. Named for the fact the town is the end of line for most going there. 

Hired for his prowess with firearms and his fearlessness, Caleb is tasked with ridding the town and county of a miscreant bunch of brothers and cousins named Morgan and Flay. As the danger heats up, Caleb is also faced with a personal issue he can't ignore, but refuses to stop doing his duty, leaving him in a race for time which is running short, the question remaining, which will get him first, until his old friend Jeff Stryker shows up and teams with Caleb against the Morgans. 

The action is fast and deadly as the Morgans conspire to rid themselves of the only law in the mountains.

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