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Beneath A Western Sky: The Cowboy Poetry of Doris Daley

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Doris Daley
Released December 2008
Fiddle DD Enterprises

Please note, although shrink wrapped and never played, the front of the jewel case is cracked.

From our Purveyor of Music and Poetry:
What an honor it was to have The Cowgirls: Doris Dale, Joni Harms, and Eli Barsi with us in August 2009 for our first in-store music and poetry event!

Songs co-written by Doris Daley and Eli Barsi and performed by Eli. Thanks to Margo Metegrano and Waddie Mitchell whose endorsements appear on the back. Photos by Muriel Knowler.


1. Rancho Tarbucks
2. Average Girl
3. Dancing with the Stars
4. Firefighters
5. Will James
6. A Baxter of Blacks
7. How I Learned to Count
8. Don't Drive the Tractor
9. Mary's Window: Riding Home to You
10. Shades of the West (song)
11. Goodnight to the Trail