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Texas Original Live: Poems, Stories and Songs

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Texas Original Live: Poems, Stories And Songs
Joe Green
Released 2008

This is Western musician JOE GREEN'S follow up to his highly successful Ten Gallon Records release, Back to the Good Old Days. His debut album hit the top ten on all the major cowboy and western music charts nationwide including 2 on PowerSource Magazine's western music chart.

Texas Original - Live was recorded before a live studio audience at David and Carolyn Martin's Java Jive Studio in Joelton, Tennessee.

The CD features the original cowboy poetry, stories and songs of Joe Green with a few cowboy/western cover tunes. Produced by Grammy nominated Vaughn Skow, the project captures the originality, spontaneity and fun of a live Joe Green show.

The project features the guitar wizardry of Doc West, friend and frequent accompanist of Joe's. Friends David and Carolyn West joined the fun and enriched the project. David played upright bass and recoded the session. Carolyn contributed rhythm guitar, vocal harmonies and a remarkable vocal rendition of Vaya Con Dios.

1.  Just This Side of Hell (poem) 2:35
2.  Grandma's Buckin' Milk Cow (story) 1:07
3.  Confinement (poem) 1:03
4.  When I Was Eight (story) :35
5.  Miles and Miles of Texas (song) 3:08
6.  Intro to the Tank (story) :26
7.  The Tank (poem) 1:03
8.  Every One of 'em's Got a Sister (story) 1:21
9.  Virginia and Smokey (poem) 1:23
10. I Love Everybody (poem) 1:17
11. One Waltz Tonight (song) 3:15
12. Bob Wire (story) 2:00
13. The Dun (poem)2:02
14. Don't Fence Me In (song) 2:47
15. Intro to Ben the Brunette Bear (story) :32
16. Ben the Brunette Bear (poem) 5:22
17. Vaya Con Dios (song) 2:33
18. Intro to Bill Sanders (story) 1:02
19. Bill Sanders and the Prophet (poem) 4:32
20. I Feel Like One Now (song) 4:51
21. Intro to Passing the Brand (story) 1:02
22. Passing the Brand (poem) 1:56
23. Passing the Brand (song) 3:12

Producer's Notes:
Joe Green is the "Real Deal" Texan. Joe doesn't just sing songs and tell tales about Texas, he lived it first. Joe grew up among Texas ranchers, troubadours, rodeo riders, travelin' preachers, and the resolute women who pt up with them. That's a mighty deep well, and Joe draws from it all.

No matter where you are when you listen to this disc, you will be transported to another time and place: Texas in the "good ole days." Joe's opening line on the disc says it all: "I'm going down to Texas, come along if you're a mind," Pack your bags; you're in for a fun trip!
                -Vaughn Skow